Step up the quality of your live events with our Managed Team & Zoom Lives service at Groovy Gecko. By bringing in our team to oversee your event’s production, we’ll help you exceed expectations, offering a first-class viewer and presenter experience. See how Groovy Gecko’s expertise can enhance your live-streaming journey.


Service Overview:

Production Management : With our Managed Team & Zoom Lives service, Groovy Gecko steps in as your dedicated producer, expertly guiding your event from start to finish.

Quality Equipment: We believe in quality, which is why we bring superior production equipment to the table, significantly upgrading your event’s production values.

Network Redundancy: We ensure a smooth running event with robust network redundancy, minimising any risks of technical disruptions and ensuring an undisturbed experience for viewers and presenters alike.


By choosing our Managed Team & Zoom Lives service, you can expect  higher production values, improved network stability, and enhanced presenter and viewer experiences. Expect Groovy Gecko to take your live events to new heights of professionalism and quality.

Get a firsthand look at how our Managed Team & Zoom Lives service has revolutionised previous events. Our case studies offer tangible evidence of how Groovy Gecko’s specialised touch can truly elevate your live-streaming experiences.

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why choose groovy gecko:

Groovy Gecko offers unparalleled service in Managed Team & Zoom Lives, backed by years of industry experience and advanced technology. Our reputation for exceptional quality and our commitment to pioneering solutions make us an unbeatable choice for your live event needs. Experience the Groovy Gecko difference for yourself.

Ready to step up your live event game? Contact Groovy Gecko today to learn more about our Managed Team & Zoom Lives service. Experience the enhanced production quality and seamless viewer experience we can offer your live-streaming events.





Internal communications event for Selfridges, live streamed by  Groovy Gecko