Competition Tools in Live Streaming


Amplify your live streams’ impact and create memorable, interactive experiences with Groovy Gecko’s REALM Competition Tools. An integral part of our live-streaming engagement portfolio, the Competition Tools are designed to heighten audience participation and create an environment of dynamic engagement during your live events.

Service Overview:

The REALM Competition Tools by Groovy Gecko are an intuitive, interactive system that can easily integrate into your live-streams, transforming them into immersive experiences. Here’s how they enhance your audience engagement:

Competition Mechanism: Our Competition Tools create an interactive environment  where viewers can participate in various competitions, quizzes, and challenges, making live streams more engaging and entertaining. The tool also ensures that data is captured to make sure the competition is fully auditable.

Social Media Integration: We integrate seamlessly with social media platforms, bringing the competition directly to your audience. This facilitates real-time interaction, resulting in increased engagement levels.

Bespoke Development: Should you need a unique solution, our in-house R&D team is ready to custom-develop competition features, ensuring your event is both unique and compelling.


Integrating REALM’s Competition Tools into your live-streams can result in significant increases in audience engagement, viewer participation, and viewing time. By promoting a vibrant interaction, your audience will experience a deeper connection to your brand and event.

Our work with Tesco perfectly illustrates the power of REALM Competition Tools in action. The REALM tool was used to read hashtags, pull in comments, and create a competition mechanism that looked for a correct answer and randomly drew a winner. Dive into our case study here to learn more about the impressive results.

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    why choose groovy gecko:

    At Groovy Gecko, we offer more than just tools; we deliver interactive solutions that revolutionise the way you engage with your audience. Our REALM Competition Tools are backed by our two decades of industry experience, rigorous R&D, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Choose Groovy Gecko, where we turn your live-streams into immersive experiences.

    Ready to create memorable live-streaming experiences? Contact Groovy Gecko today and discover how REALM Competition Tools can transform your live streams into engaging, interactive spectacles.


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