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Groovy Gecko proudly introduces its innovative live-streaming services, meticulously designed to revolutionise your external comms. Our proficient team of experts, supported by top-tier technology, guarantees a dynamic, uninterrupted broadcast that effectively delivers your message to your audience. Get ready to elevate your brand’s voice and make each communication a memorable experience.


Service Overview:

Groovy Gecko’s live-streaming services cover a wide spectrum to cater to all your external communication needs:

Expert Delivery: At Groovy Gecko, we understand the importance of each communication and the impact it can have on your brand image. Our seasoned professionals, with their hands-on experience and industry knowledge, deliver your message in a captivating manner that resonates with your audience.

High-Quality Streaming: Our commitment to quality is reflected in our streaming services. Leveraging our advanced technology, we ensure high-definition, real-time streaming that keeps your audience engaged throughout, effectively fostering engagement with your message.

Customised Solutions: Recognising the unique nature of each brand and the variability of communications, we offer bespoke live-streaming services. These tailor-made solutions align with your specific messaging and branding needs, creating an experience that echoes your brand ethos.

Fully Virtual External Communications: Groovy Gecko also presents a formidable option for virtual external comms, catering to the increasingly digital-centric landscape of today’s business environment. Our top-tier live-streaming technology ensures that your brand’s voice and message resonate clearly and powerfully, even in a completely virtual setup.

Whether it’s announcements, product launches, or any other external communication, we can bring your audience together from across the globe, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. This virtual approach not only allows for greater flexibility and reach, but it also strengthens your brand’s digital presence and connects you with a wider audience. With Groovy Gecko’s fully virtual external communications, you can leverage the power of the digital world to create impactful interactions that transcend geographical boundaries.

Hybrid External Communications: Groovy Gecko stands at the forefront of communications innovation with our unique hybrid solutions for external comms. We skilfully amalgamate the realms of physical and digital, enabling simultaneous in-person and online participation. Whether your audience members are present in the room or logged in from remote locations, our technology ensures a seamless and engaging experience.

Our hybrid solution extends to presenters as well, adeptly synchronising those on-site with those joining remotely. The result is fluid, unified communications that maximise reach and engagement while maintaining the human touch that builds genuine connections. This holistic approach transcends geographical limitations and caters to varied participant preferences, thus elevating the inclusivity and impact of your external communications.



By harnessing Groovy Gecko’s live-streaming services, you can anticipate a significant enhancement in audience engagement, brand visibility, and the overall potency of your external communications. Our real-time streaming allows immediate dissemination of your message, instilling trust in your audience and driving up interaction. Be ready to witness increased customer retention and greater brand recall.

Groovy Gecko has successfully revolutionised external comms for various clients across multiple sectors. Explore our case studies to gain insights into real-world applications of our live-streaming services. Discover how our solutions have created a paradigm shift in communication strategies and how they can do the same for your brand.

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why choose groovy gecko:

Choosing Groovy Gecko means entrusting your external communications to a team that combines years of experience, dedication, and groundbreaking technology. We are committed to enhancing your communication strategy, making it not just efficient but also memorable. Partner with Groovy Gecko to elevate your external communications to an entirely new level.

Are you prepared to revolutionise your external communications? Get in touch with Groovy Gecko today. Let us discuss your needs and demonstrate how our live-streaming services can transform your external communication strategy.





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