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Revitalise your retail business with the power of Groovy Gecko’s Online Video Platform (OVP). Whether it’s live-streaming product launches or delivering high-quality video content on your e-commerce site, our platform is designed to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. With Next PLC among our satisfied clients, we stand ready to take your online retail experience to the next level.

Service Overview:

In the competitive online retail sector, Groovy Gecko’s OVP can be your secret weapon. We offer tailored solutions to elevate your e-commerce site and engage customers more effectively.

Future-Proof Content: We transcode your content, ensuring it’s automatically compatible with new devices and formats as they emerge. Stay ahead of the curve and deliver a consistently high-quality user experience, no matter how technology evolves.

E-commerce Integration: Our OVP can be effortlessly integrated with your existing e-commerce platform. This ensures a seamless shopping experience, with high-quality video content enhancing your product pages.

Live-stream Product Launches: Generate excitement and drive sales with live-streamed product launches. Our platform provides the stability and quality you need to make a splash with every new release.


With Groovy Gecko’s OVP, you can expect increased customer engagement, higher conversion rates, and an enriched shopping experience that sets you apart from the competition.

Next PLC has harnessed the power of our OVP to enhance their e-commerce site and deliver an unrivalled shopping experience. Check out their case study to see how our OVP can revolutionise online retail.

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    why choose groovy gecko:

    Groovy Gecko’s Online Video Platform brings innovation and engagement to the forefront of your online retail business. Our successful partnership with Next PLC showcases our capabilities to meet the unique needs of the retail sector. Choose Groovy Gecko, and let us help you create an e-commerce experience your customers will love.

    Ready to transform your e-commerce experience with engaging video content? Contact Groovy Gecko today and discover how our Online Video Platform can revitalise your online retail space.



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