Online Video Platform For Internal Training


Groovy Gecko’s Online Video Platform (OVP) serves as a versatile tool beyond content delivery and monetisation. It can be a game-changer for internal training within companies. Engage your employees better, track progress accurately, and deliver interactive learning experiences.

Service Overview:

Adaptive Learning Environment: Our OVP allows you to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment, essential in modern corporate training.

In-Video Quizzing: With tools like in-video quizzing, learning becomes an interactive experience, increasing retention and comprehension rates.

Sophisticated Statistics: Measure the effectiveness of your training programmes with sophisticated statistics. View data such as viewer engagement, dwell time, and views to assess and improve your training initiatives.

Streamlined Content Delivery: Deliver high-quality training content seamlessly across multiple devices, ensuring your training is accessible whenever and wherever needed.


With Groovy Gecko’s Online Video Platform, expect heightened employee engagement, enhanced learning experiences, and precise insights into the effectiveness of your training programmes.

See how our OVP has revolutionised internal training for companies in various sectors. For instance, our successful partnership with renowned corporations like ARUP demonstrates how our platform can enhance training outcomes. Visit our case studies page to explore more.

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    why choose groovy gecko:

    Groovy Gecko’s Online Video Platform provides a unique blend of interactive tools, easy integration, and detailed analytics. Our platform can transform your training programmes, creating engaging and effective learning experiences. With our renowned client base and success stories, we are the ideal choice for your internal training needs.

    Ready to elevate your corporate training? Get in touch with Groovy Gecko today. Discover how our Online Video Platform can revolutionise your internal training.


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