Music Event Live-Streaming


As an integral part of our dynamic social media streaming services, Groovy Gecko’s music event live-streaming service transforms your music events into global sensations. Through seamless live-streams, we amplify the reach of your performance, creating intimate connections with audiences worldwide, regardless of their physical location.

Service Overview:

Broad Reach & Intimate Engagement: Live-streaming allows you to bring your performance to a vast, global audience without sacrificing the intimacy of a live gig. Whether you’re broadcasting a small, acoustic set or a grand concert, live-streaming cultivates a personal experience for your fans.

Platform Versatility: We harness the power of social media giants – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and PPV platforms – to ensure your music event reaches its target audience.

Technical Excellence: Our team of streaming professionals ensures flawless broadcasting of your music event, maintaining the highest audio and visual quality.


Live-streaming your music event with Groovy Gecko allows you to broaden your fanbase, create memorable interactions, deliver revenue, and increase visibility across different social media platforms.

Case Studies:

Explore our case study of live-streaming the ‘Aurora TikTok Live Stream,’ a small intimate event that resonated with the audience, garnering incredible viewer interactions.

And also the biggest classical event ever live streamed on YouTube where  we facilitated the ‘Andrea Bocelli’s Music for Hope‘ concert, a momentous event that reached millions across the globe during challenging times.

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    With over two decades of experience, Groovy Gecko is unmatched in its ability to deliver exceptional live-streaming services. Our dedication to quality, our technical prowess, and our understanding of diverse audiences, make us the go-to choice for streaming music events.

    Amplify your music event with Groovy Gecko’s expert live-streaming services. Connect with us today to experience the power of live-streaming and its potential to transform your music event into a global sensation.



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