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Groovy Gecko revolutionises the way charities and Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) connect with their audience. Our innovative live-streaming services designed for social media offer an opportunity to bridge the distance, bring your cause to the limelight, and foster a community invested in your mission.


In the evolving digital landscape, live-streaming emerges as a potent tool for amplifying your voice. Groovy Gecko, with its years of expertise and superior technology, offers comprehensive live-streaming solutions for charities.

Strategic Partnership with Major Platforms: Our collaborations with leading platforms such as Meta, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, present an invaluable advantage. These partnerships provide a solid foundation to maximise your event’s visibility and extend your reach to a diverse global audience.

Seamless Live-Streaming Experience: The success of a live-stream event lies in its delivery. At Groovy Gecko, we have perfected our workflows to ensure a seamless live-streaming experience. Our skilled team employs best-in-class technology and adopts proactive approaches to mitigate any technical glitches, promising an uninterrupted streaming experience that captivates your audience from start to finish.

Bespoke Streaming Strategies: Every charity and NPO is unique, with distinct values, missions, and target demographics. We appreciate these differences and reflect them in our customised live-streaming strategies. Our team invests time to understand your vision, your audience, and your message, resulting in a tailored strategy that resonates and engages.


The potential outcomes from partnering with Groovy Gecko’s social media live-streaming services are multifaceted:

Expanded Reach: With the power of live-streaming, your charity event can transcend geographical boundaries, reaching an international audience and inviting global participation.

Increased Engagement: Our tailored strategies combined with engaging content foster a higher level of audience interaction. This can drive increased donations, membership sign-ups, and more active participation in your cause.

Stronger Community: Live-streaming allows real-time interaction, which can be instrumental in building stronger bonds within your community and creating an environment of trust and solidarity.


For a practical glimpse into how our live-streaming services have revolutionised charity events, explore our case studies. For example, our collaboration with Cancer Research UK for their Race for Life at Home event underscores our commitment to optimising reach and engagement. Leveraging our reliable and comprehensive live-streaming services, the event successfully connected with thousands across multiple platforms, amplifying their impact.

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    why choose groovy gecko

    Choosing Groovy Gecko is choosing a committed partner in your charity’s mission. Our standing as an industry leader in live-streaming services, our proprietary technology, and our strategic alliances with major social media platforms are testaments to our ability to deliver unparalleled service.

    When you choose Groovy Gecko, you choose a team that understands your cause’s importance and is dedicated to seeing it thrive. We are not just a service provider; we are your partners in sparking change.

    Are you ready to take your charity live-streaming to the next level? Connect with Groovy Gecko today. Let’s bring your cause to the forefront, create lasting connections, and drive change, one live-stream at a time.



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