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In the current digital era, social media functions as a potent platform for championing causes and instigating social transformation. Groovy Gecko’s social media streaming services leverage this potency to enrich inclusion events. Partner with us to ensure your message resonates broadly and deeply, captivating audiences on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Together, we make sure your message has a long-lasting influence.

Service Overview:

Audience-Centric Strategy: We acknowledge the significance of customized messaging when it comes to inclusion events. Our strategies revolve around your audience, ensuring the dissemination of powerful content that aligns with your audience on all platforms.

Multi-Platform Streaming: Expand your viewer base by broadcasting your event across various social media platforms. Our service enables your voice to resonate broadly, optimizing its impact and reach.

Interactive Features: We incorporate interactive elements into your live-stream to stimulate active audience involvement. Real-time polling and live Q&As provide viewers the chance to engage with your message directly, thereby enhancing overall engagement.


Our live-streaming of inclusion events can lead to a noticeable surge in engagement rates and the formation of a more informed and inclusive online community. We not only aid your cause in gaining visibility but also foster a digital environment for dialogue and understanding.

Case Studies:

The Undeniable Wonder of Family Life: In this initiative, Groovy Gecko joined forces with VCCP to bring to light the unsaid realities of family life. We broadcasted live on Facebook, capturing genuine moments from real families. The stream successfully reached over 150,000 viewers, with an average watch time of 10 minutes.

Survival International Conservation Webcast: In collaboration with Survival International, we produced a webcast that addressed the unlawful eviction of the Sengwer tribe from their ancestral lands in Kenya. We connected with thousands of people, igniting significant discussions on indigenous rights.

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    Choosing Groovy Gecko for your Inclusion Event means teaming up with a group that masters the technical aspects of live-streaming and respects the gravity of your message. Our insightful understanding of social media algorithms, combined with our dedication to delivering impactful, audience-centric content, distinguishes us from our competitors.

    Ready to disseminate your message and make a change? Reach out to Groovy Gecko today, and let’s unite to establish an engaging, influential Inclusion Event on your favourite social media platforms.



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