Harness the power of Pay-Per-View (PPV) live-streaming with Groovy Gecko’s Secure Ticketed Streaming service. It’s a dynamic solution that combines Enhanced Streaming Security with a revenue-generating model, empowering you to monetise your content with absolute peace of mind. Experience the seamless convergence of technology, and security to help deliver an engaging PPV experience for your audience


Service Overview:

Secure and Monetisable Live-streaming: Our Secure Ticketed Streaming service allows you to create ticketed events, enabling you to generate revenue from your live-streams while being assured of top-tier security.

Versatile Payment Solutions: With Groovy Gecko, the scope for monetisation expands, as we work with numerous third-party payment providers, including PayPal, Stripe, and more, integrating them seamlessly into your live-streaming ecosystem.

Proven Expertise: Our track record includes executing projects with Fatboy Slim and renowned developer conferences, showcasing our prowess in providing successful, secure, and monetisable live-streaming solutions.


Through our Secure Ticketed Streaming service, clients can benefit from a safe, revenue-generating live-streaming solution. This not only enhances the value of your live content but also bolsters the return on your investment in live-streaming technology.

Experience the transformative impact through our detailed case studies. Our collaboration with Fatboy Slim, where we provided a seamless ticketed live-stream experience, demonstrates our service’s capabilities.

    why choose groovy gecko

    Groovy Gecko has long been a trusted name in the realm of live-streaming. With our Secure Ticketed Streaming service, we combine our Enhanced Streaming Security with revenue-generating possibilities. Backed by two decades of experience, a suite of cutting-edge tools, and a commitment to your content’s security and success, Groovy Gecko is the obvious choice for Secure Ticketed Streaming.

    Take the first step towards transforming your live-streams into secure, revenue-generating platforms. Contact Groovy Gecko today to discover the full potential of Secure Ticketed Streaming.

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