Looking for an effective way to enhance your company’s internal communication with video but struggling with network limitations? With Groovy Gecko’s scalable Internal streaming service, you can now bring your team together, foster greater engagement and ensure a seamless information flow within your organisation, no matter the size. 


Service Overview:

Groovy Gecko’s Scalable Internal Streaming service is specifically designed to enhance your organisation’s internal communication. We apply a number of techniques to help the delivery of data across the network including:

Group Streaming : The simplest way to reduce the video load with an internal network can simply be to get more people to watch the same stream. By enabling a presentation to be split across multiple screens EckoEnterprise allows internal teams to watch webcasts in the same room together while still being able to interact with the content. It can be a simple but effective way to reduce the required bandwidth for the stream.

Multi Bit-Rate Streaming: The video content we deliver adapts to the amount of bandwidth available to a user so that they always get the best possible video quality depending on the network conditions. In some cases are discussions with the internal IT team this may be a bespoke levels of encoding to ensure the video delivered is optimised for a specific network.

Scalable Video Solutions: For larger networks and more complex organisations with multiple video use cases including live streaming and video calls we can offer scalable video solutions which reduce the load on the network and deliver greater insight. By deploying software on machines within the organisation we can not only optimised for live webcasting but also other apps such as Teams, Workplace and many more.

In addition by enabling greater efficiency in the network we can also deliver much more detailed and informative statistics about engagement with video content across all these platforms.


Successful implementation of our Scalable Internal Streaming service from the simplest implementation to the more complex deployment can lead to improved delivery of video content to users which leads to better team collaboration, increased engagement with internal communications, greater information dissemination efficiency, and a stronger, more unified corporate culture.

Don’t just take our word for it, see how our Scalable Internal Streaming has transformed internal communications in companies like yours in our Case Studies.

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why choose groovy gecko:

With years of expertise in live streaming services, Groovy Gecko stands out for its dedication to quality, accessibility, and security. Our Scalable Internal Streaming service is backed by our proprietary technology and passionate team, delivering seamless, secure, and engaging internal communications for your team.

Ready to revolutionise your internal communication? Contact Groovy Gecko today and let’s transform the way your team communicates with our Scalable Internal Streaming service.





Internal communications event for Selfridges, live streamed by  Groovy Gecko