In a digital world that constantly evolves, Groovy Gecko leads the way in providing robust, advanced live stream security. Our Watermarking & DRM services, a sub-service of our Enhanced Streaming Security, ensure your live streams are secure from unauthorised use and your content remains exclusive to your intended audience. Trust in Groovy Gecko’s uncompromised commitment to safeguarding your digital assets.


Service Overview:

Watermarking & DRM Services at Groovy Gecko comprise two innovative solutions designed to keep your live-streamed content protected:

Time to Live: This solution employs digital watermarking with an adjustable ‘time to live’ function. If a stream link isn’t activated within a set timeframe, it becomes unplayable. It ensures that even if the link gets shared, it remains inaccessible unless refreshed through the original login on our site. The parameters of the watermark, including its interval, size, and duration, can be customised to fit your unique needs.

DRM Solution: Our DRM solution, an addition to our existing EckoEnterprise platform, further augments your stream’s security. It utilises ‘Hollywood grade DRM’, supported by three well-recognised DRM ‘flavours’ – FairPlay, WideVine, and PlayReady. Even if a stream link is intercepted and distributed, without a valid license issued by Groovy Gecko, the content cannot be played.


When you choose Groovy Gecko’s Watermarking & DRM solutions, you ensure robust protection against piracy. You secure your content from unauthorised usage and ensure your live streams reach only the intended audience, thereby safeguarding your intellectual property rights and your revenue.

Experience the transformative impact through our detailed case studiesEach case study offers a real-world demonstration of how our solutions protect our clients’ content, helping them focus on what truly matters: creating great content.

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    In an online landscape where security breaches are a frequent concern, Groovy Gecko stands tall with a solid reputation for maintaining the integrity of our client’s live streams. Our Watermarking & DRM services, are a testament to our commitment to robust security, and utilise cutting-edge technology to ensure your content remains your exclusive property. Experience the peace of mind that comes from choosing Groovy Gecko.

    Ready to take the security of your live streams to the next level? Contact Groovy Gecko today to learn how our Enhanced Streaming Security, including our unique Watermarking & DRM solutions, can protect your content and maximise your ROI.

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