Virtual Conference Production.

Groovy Gecko specialises in expert virtual conference production services, transcending geographical barriers. Our sophisticated remote presenter system ensures top-quality output even when physical gatherings aren’t feasible. Be it fully virtual or hub-based setups, we efficiently manage every detail, delivering successful events that meet CSR objectives and engage your audience effectively.


What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is an online event that brings people together in a virtual space, allowing them to interact, network, and learn from each other without the need for physical travel. Virtual conferences typically involve keynote speeches, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and interactive features such as polls, live Q&A, and gamification elements.

Expert Team

At Groovy Gecko, our team comprises industry professionals with years of hands-on experience in virtual conference production. We handle your event with absolute professionalism and expertise.

Cutting-edge Technology

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest quality audio and visuals for your virtual events. From single to multi-camera setups, we ensure comprehensive coverage.

Tailored Solutions

Every virtual event is unique, and we customize our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring your event stands out for its production value.


When you choose Groovy Gecko’s virtual conference production services, you can expect:

  • Flawlessly executed events that leave a lasting impact.
  • Mesmerizing experiences for your audience, ensuring their engagement.
  • Tangible boosts to your brand’s reputation through successful virtual events.
  • Case Studies or Client Examples:
  • Experience our expertise through our case studies. These examples display the diversity of our virtual events and the satisfaction of our valued clients. See our case studies below to learn more.

Related Services

Maximize the impact of your virtual events with our other services such as Hybrid Event Solutions and Social Media Streaming.

Why Choose Groovy Gecko

  • Unique Blend of Experience and Passion: Our industry professionals bring years of expertise and a genuine passion for delivering exceptional virtual events.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: We utilize the latest technology to ensure your virtual events are of the highest quality.
  • Reputation for Excellence: We have a proven track record of delivering successful virtual events that exceed client expectations.
  • Commitment to Innovation: We continuously explore new ways to enhance virtual event experiences, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the industry.

Ready to elevate your virtual event? Contact Groovy Gecko today to discuss your virtual conference production needs. Experience the exceptional quality and engagement we bring to virtual events.


Case Studies.

The ‘Fantastique World’ Hybrid Gaming Showcase
Belmond On Air
Royal College of Physicians: Medicine
Novo Nordisk: My Company Meetings
Ofcom live event
Selfridges X Groovy Gecko Collab
INTEL X Dr Lupo in the Escape
IFB National Conference
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Thinking about live streaming your next corporate event? 






Advanced venue connectivity

Production Pricing Packages.

Feature rIch application with deep third party integrations

Our platform is completely customised to your company’s branding and corporate identity, so your video page fits in seamlessly with your website without feeling like a third-party application. EckoEnterprise can be created as a microsite or embedded into an existing website. We can use our custom-built encoders to run the system as a service or your internal team can run it themselves. Our team of experts are always on hand to provide full support for your team, you’ll never have to deal with another ticketing system or chat bot!

Increase your audience engagement through our interactive tools including polls, moderated audience questions, timed downloads, networking, chat and feedback forms.

We truly appreciate the importance of our clients’ reputations, so our processes are built on mitigating risk and ensuring our technical solutions are rock solid. The platform is robust, scalable and highly customisable, and is used by some of the largest companies in the world.

We understand the importance of quantifying the value of your audience, so with our in-depth statistics, you can demonstrate the ROI of going live. With our statistics package, you can track and record every request that’s made for your content, as well as every action that has been carried out by the user on the platform. Our analytic tools help you understand what action drove the most engagement from your audience before, during and after the live stream.

Groovy Gecko's Process:


We'll begin by talking to you about your goals, budget, and timeline. We'll also listen to your ideas and provide suggestions based on our experience.


Our team will work with you to plan the event in detail, including the format, timeline, and content. We'll also identify the best shoppable platform to use, based on your needs and budget.


We'll help you prepare all the materials you'll need for the event, including presentations, videos, and other media. We'll also test all the equipment and connections to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Live Production

During your live shopping event, we'll manage the technical aspects, including audio and video quality, streaming, and interaction with attendees. Our team will be on hand to deal with any potential technical issues.


After the event, we'll provide you with detailed analytics, including attendance figures, engagement rates, and other metrics. We'll also work with you to create a content library of the event, which can be shared with your team and used for marketing purposes.