Virtual Conference Production.

As a leading virtual event production company, we understand the power of bringing people together virtually. In this post, we’ll explore what a virtual conference is, why you should host one, and the benefits of working with Groovy Gecko for your virtual conference production needs.


What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is an online event that brings people together in a virtual space, allowing them to interact, network, and learn from each other without the need for physical travel. Virtual conferences typically involve keynote speeches, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and interactive features such as polls, live Q&A, and gamification elements.


Thinking about live streaming your next corporate event? 






Advanced venue connectivity

Production Pricing Packages.

Why host a virtual conference?

  • Increased accessibility: By hosting your conference online, you can reach a global audience without the limitations of physical travel.
  • Cost-effective: Hosting a virtual conference eliminates the need for expensive venue rentals, travel costs, and catering expenses, allowing you to allocate your budget towards other areas of your event.
  • Enhanced engagement: Virtual conferences offer a range of interactive features that allow attendees to participate actively, driving engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Sustainability: Hosting a virtual conference eliminates the carbon footprint associated with physical travel, making it a more sustainable option for your event.

Why use us?

As a live streaming and production company, we specialise in virtual and online conferences in events, offering a range of services to ensure your virtual conference runs smoothly. Our team of experts can handle everything from video production to technical support, allowing you to focus on delivering your message effectively. Here are some of the benefits of working with Groovy Gecko for your virtual conference production needs:

  • Customised solutions: We understand that every event is unique, and we work closely with our clients to tailor our services to their specific needs.
  • High-quality video production: Our team of videographers and technicians ensure that your event is captured professionally and broadcasted smoothly.
  • Reliable technical support: We offer 24/7 technical support to ensure that your event runs smoothly without any technical glitches.
  • Interactive features: We offer a range of interactive features such as live Q&A, polls, and gamification elements, enhancing attendee engagement and knowledge retention.

Who do we work with?

We have experience working across a range of industries, including healthcare, finance, technology, and education. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or an educational conference, we have the expertise to ensure your event is a success.


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Feature rIch application with deep third party integrations

Our platform is completely customised to your company’s branding and corporate identity, so your video page fits in seamlessly with your website without feeling like a third-party application. EckoEnterprise can be created as a microsite or embedded into an existing website. We can use our custom-built encoders to run the system as a service or your internal team can run it themselves. Our team of experts are always on hand to provide full support for your team, you’ll never have to deal with another ticketing system or chat bot!

Increase your audience engagement through our interactive tools including polls, moderated audience questions, timed downloads, networking, chat and feedback forms.

We truly appreciate the importance of our clients’ reputations, so our processes are built on mitigating risk and ensuring our technical solutions are rock solid. The platform is robust, scalable and highly customisable, and is used by some of the largest companies in the world.

We understand the importance of quantifying the value of your audience, so with our in-depth statistics, you can demonstrate the ROI of going live. With our statistics package, you can track and record every request that’s made for your content, as well as every action that has been carried out by the user on the platform. Our analytic tools help you understand what action drove the most engagement from your audience before, during and after the live stream.

We help with Venue sourcing and Connectivity.

As an addition to our live streaming services, Groovy Gecko also benefits from a satellite downlinking facility, with connections to BT Tower & NY waterfront. We also have a suite of LiveU units which can provide connectivity on-site no matter where you are. The broad range of signal acquisition options allows us to downlink content from anywhere in the world without needing to be on site. Once we have the feed at our London hub, we can then deliver the streams to a host of platforms including social media platforms or our LPS.

LiveU offers a solution where internet connectivity is limited onsite. Particularly useful for outside broadcasts, or those on the move, the unit works by bonding cellular data to create an upstream internet connection which transmits video content back to our London hub and can also act as a standalone internet connection in ‘data bridge’ mode.




Fibre via BT tower


Fibre via New York Waterfront


Satellite uplink / downlink


GG Video Calling


Cinema Connect