The Knowledge Guide to Social Video Streaming

Groovy Gecko & Digital Doughnut

Streaming into social media has become a hot topic for brands, eager to tap into the ready made audience of social media sites. This year we have seen some interesting technical developments by the major social media platforms that unlock the full potential for social video streaming. It has enabled brands to move away from simple live videos delivered from a smart phone to professionally produced multi-camera interactive streams.

We have developed a guide which shares our experiences from delivering hundreds of live streams as a Facebook Live partner, and provides valuable benchmarks to help you deliver effective live video content. It covers everything from the type of content, when to go live, optimum length, and effective promotion. The full guide can be downloaded for free from the Digital Doughnut.

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Groovy Gecko (est. 1999) provides businesses and broadcasters with global webcasting services for live and on-demand streaming to any device from anywhere. Groovy Gecko is renowned for delivering complex and technically difficult webcasts.

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