In the modern digital landscape, conferences have undergone significant transformation, necessitating an evolution in the way they’re conducted. Groovy Gecko’s EckoEnterprise is at the forefront of this revolution, presenting an innovative solution for conference hosting. Armed with enhanced security protocols and a highly interactive interface, our live-streaming platform is the definitive answer to all your conference needs.


In-depth Service Overview:

EckoEnterprise is a crucial tool for conferences of any size. Our platform elevates your conference experience to unprecedented heights with the following key features:

High-Quality Live-Streaming:: The quality of your conference should not be compromised by its digital format. EckoEnterprise guarantees top-notch, seamless live-streamed conferences that will captivate your audience from start to finish.

Stringent Security: Be it an invite-only conference or an event necessitating extra security, our platform ensures that your content is kept secure and exclusive, protecting your information and your audience.

Interactive Engagement: Gone are the days of passive conference viewing. Transform your audience into active participants with real-time polls, Q&As, and interactive chat rooms, promoting a dynamic conference environment.

Inclusive Accessibility: EckoEnterprise isn’t just about hosting a conference; it’s about making it accessible to everyone. With our advanced accessibility tools, we ensure your conference is inclusive and welcoming for all attendees.

Taylor-made Interface: Every conference is unique, and your digital platform should reflect that. With EckoEnterprise, you can customise the user interface to mirror your conference’s distinct theme and your brand’s identity.



Utilising EckoEnterprise for your conferences yields a myriad of positive results: enhanced audience engagement, superior security protocols, and an inclusive online environment that stands as a testament to your brand’s commitment to accessibility and interaction.

Our case studies provide a real-world snapshot of how various businesses have harnessed EckoEnterprise. These practical examples, across multiple sectors, reveal the seamless adaptability of our platform and its effectiveness in elevating virtual events to new heights.

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    Opting for Groovy Gecko and EckoEnterprise means entrusting your conferences to industry veterans. We provide a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, extensive industry experience, and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and security. Transform your conferences into engaging, memorable, and secure experiences with EckoEnterprise. Contact Groovy Gecko today and experience the difference a fully customisable live-streaming platform can make.

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