Live Webcasting

We've built our reputation on reliable high quality webcasting.

Live and Multilanguage Webcasting and Satellite Acqusition by Groovy Gecko, video streaming specialists

Our custom built Live Presentation System (LPS) has been developed in house over the last 7 years. The latest version of the system was developed in conjunction with some of our biggest clients enabling us to deliver new functionality based directly on client requirements. These new capabilities enable us to deliver unique experiences such as live streams directly into Facebook Newsfeed, live multi-language interactive webcasting and live webcasts which dynamically altered their content based on viewer feedback.

The system enables us to offer two types of webcasting:

Video webcasts which involve the delivery of audio and video onto multiple devices with optional interactive elements. These webcasts have a wide range of uses including live video launches, fashion shows, film premieres, 24/7 webcasts from remote locations and interactive question and answer sessions.

Live Presentation webcasts which include PowerPoint slide synchronisation with optional moderated Q&A and Polls and other interactive facilities designed to deliver the effect of a corporate presentation or event to your online audience.

We find there are very few projects which are standard so LPS can adapt to your needs. The modular system re-uses tried and tested code to put every project on a strong technical footing. The core elements are under constant development ensuring that the capabilities available are the best in the market. In addition, these modules can be skinned and deployed so your webcast doesn’t look like a re-badged version of some other platform but a truly personalised experience integrated with your brand.

Groovy Gecko has a long track record of delivering successful live webcasts. This is based on 15 years of experience, delivering thousands of webcasts from locations all around the world. Our expertise in this area are second-to-none and are built on the principles of building resilience, using our tried and tested software as well as having a comprehensive process of risk management which enables us to work out mitigation plans for the unexpected.

We can look after as little or as much of the process as you want us to. We can offer an end to end solution where we handle everything from connectivity to camera crews but we also work with some of our clients by plugging in to their existing productions to deliver a simple encode and partial page build service. We are not precious about carrying out the whole process but we will help you assess the risks of not only what we do but of the end to end solution to ensure it is a success.

We’ll provide pages for the webcast, including log in facilities if required, or alternatively work with your web designers to help them build pages as effective as the ones we’d build ourselves. We even have our own network of studios and crews around the world in case you need a location to shoot from or crews in a particular area.

We can also offer you a range of additional services including authoring, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Pay-to-View. See the section on content protection for more information

Acquiring a video signal for your webcast is also simple as we offer solutions, using a range of technologies from satellite and fibre to cutting edge mobile signal multiplexing, that can pick up a signal from almost anywhere in the world. For more information on these services see the section on satellite acquisition.

Alternatively if you do want to provide your own production and live encoding for webcasts, we can simply provide you with technical support and access to our Content Delivery Networks (CDN) via a live hosting contract.

We will also provide you with a full statistics report, with detailed information for views across all streams, after every event.

Risk Mitigation

Everything we do carries a level of risk from major corporate AGMs to radical cutting edge projects which have never been attempted before, so we have become skilled in identifying and mitigating risk.  There are a number of elements to our risk mitigation.

First of all our general development and testing process ensures that the pages we create work cross browser and form part of a seamless user experience. On top of this we thoroughly test available bandwidth on site and ensure we have contingency if bandwidth becomes unavailable. Ahead of going live the testing is repeated with feeds from the production team to ensure picture quality and audio levels are correct before the webcast begins.

During encoding we run both primary and secondary streams to separate publishing points ensuring that if an encoder or a publishing point fails, users will be seamlessly switched to the secondary stream. The primary stream can then be brought back up to ensure we have on-going redundancy.

During the event we monitor all streams for availability and performance and for concurrent number of viewers, to ensure that if any problems occur during the broadcast, they can be identified and dealt with quickly. We can also offer dedicated support to your users if you think there may be some of the audience who have difficulty registering or viewing the webcast.

Our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver their live streaming whenever and wherever they want. To see an example of our work click here