Groovy Gecko partners with Facebook

Apr 12, 2016

Groovy Gecko is proud to announce that it has partnered with Facebook to integrate with its live video API, which launched today.The new live video API was launched today at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference. It will offer content providers the ability to stream videos live into a Facebook player. As a Facebook API, it will also make use of the benefits of the platform’s auto play functionality, making videos play automatically within News Feeds.

Groovy Gecko has integrated with the API to deliver a console, which content providers can use to setup each video to be streamed into the platform. Groovy Gecko has delivered a large number of live video feeds into Facebook for its clients, including a live Q&A with Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas and the Economist’s Pride and Prejudice event, as well as webcasts for Coldplay, Coronation Street, Coach NY, Nissan and many more.
“There has already been a dramatic rise in the use of video on Facebook over recent months. The launch of this live video API will undoubtedly revolutionise this further, making it simple for content providers to stream live content directly in the platform,” commented Jake Ward, Business Development Director, Groovy Gecko. “Coupled with the ready built social network and the auto play feature, Facebook is set to continue to grow as a very serious rival to other social video platforms.”

The live video API is available to broadcasters and media content providers from today.

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