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We are an expert live-streaming company; from filming to streaming to platform delivery. We add value to the kit and crew onsite by building flexible tools with our in-house development team so creatives can deliver engaging live streaming events.


We are experts in live streaming and live event production but our expertise doesn’t stop there.  Blending innovative technology with our distinct professional insight, we deliver tailored solutions that precisely fulfill our client’s needs. We’re proud to offer customisable live streaming platforms and extensive social media streaming services that align perfectly with today’s digital trends and audience expectations. 

We offer a broad range of services, including customisable streaming platforms, live shopping services, multi-language capabilities, corporate webcasting, gaming and esports event production, and social media streaming. Each service is designed with a keen eye for detail, ensuring a superior experience that elevates the standards of engagement and reach. We take pride in our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, developing comprehensive tools to enhance viewer engagement. Our passion for inclusivity ensures a diverse range of audiences can seamlessly engage with your broadcasts. Additionally, our belief in the power of data-driven decision-making led to the creation of the Insight tool. This tool provides in-depth analytics to guide you in optimising your broadcasts and connecting more effectively with your audience.

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Our offerings extend beyond conventional streaming, covering virtual and hybrid event solutions to navigate the challenges posed by geographical barriers effectively. Simultaneously, we are vigilant about the security of your content and employ robust measures to ensure secure streaming. In Groovy Gecko, you find an innovative partner committed to delivering broadcasts that not only reach audiences but resonate with them, forging strong connections that extend beyond the screen.

our clients.

We help brands launch their campaigns in innovative ways to engage their audience, with many of our clients receiving awards for the projects we work on.

Amazon Live Whisky Tasting event brought agency Ogilvy the CIPR award for Best Use of Digital and Social Media 

Nike Strike Night collaboration with agency XYZ who took home the 2017 Campaign Live Event Awards Grand Prix while also being featured as number 1 on Imagination’s Top 10 Most Effective Live Brand Experiences

The Undeniable Wonders of Family Life by Amnesty International won in Marketing for Good and Live Brand Experience at the Marketing New Thinking Awards, with creative agency partner VCCP taking home the Agency of the Year award as well as being shortlisted for Creativepool’s 2019 Most Effective campaign and Best Experiential campaign

Our collab with creative agency Iris Barclaycard’s 31 Day Challenge campaign won CMA’s Bronze Award for Best Finance and the Bronze Award for Best use of Social Media for B2C, while they were also shortlisted for CIM’s Best use of Social Media Award

We’re proud to have worked with 28 of the FTSE 100 in just 6 years

our history.

It’s 1999, and in one tiny room, came one big idea. Our Founder, Craig, and our much-missed Technical Director, Eddie, realised the future of content was live and online.

20 years later, Groovy Gecko is working with some of the biggest brands, agencies and social media platforms in the world. We like to keep things simple and don’t blind you with the science of the tech – unless you want all the details. We base all of our projects on our existing and established technologies, and we’ve got a comprehensive process of risk management to ensure your live event runs as smoothly as possible. Honesty sits at the core of our company, meaning we analyse any risks involved in your stream and are transparent about our capabilities, among other things, such as setting realistic expectations of the number of people predicted to tune in live. The last two decades here have been full of innovative events and exciting partnerships; Take a look at our Highlights Timeline below for a bit of our history’s overview:
  • Craig Moehl founds Groovy Gecko

  • Eddie Robbins joins the company as technical director

  • Our first fashion job with major brand, Uniqlo

  • We stream the Run London event for Nike, delivering clips of everyone going over the finish line to mobile in 3G

  • We join forces with Microsoft, streaming their XBOX E3 presentations

  • We stream a multi-language event for Arsenal, including a live interview with Arsene Wenger for Nike

  • We help in the delivery of numerous TED X events

  • We partner with Facebook and work on beta testing the live streaming into Facebook function

  • We start streaming for UK Parliament

  • We deliver a live companion stream for a live episode of Coronation Street

  • We stream the first-ever live 360 football match featuring a premiership side

  • We deliver our 400th live social stream in under 18 months

  • We launch one of our REALM tools, a competition function for Facebook

  • We worked on the first ever live stream to a public Amazon page of Bacardi’s live whisky tasting, with a limited-edition whisky tasting set being sold on Amazon created specifically for the live stream

  • We launch our new branding and website, as well as debut our full set of REALM interactive tool suite for live streaming

research & development.

We were built on innovation; it’s ingrained in us. We want to offer our clients cutting edge products and we’re proud to have remained the leading streaming company since we first started in this field 20 years ago. Since we work with clients across such a diverse range of industries, we also get to experience ideas, processes and advances that others don’t.

Keeping our place at the forefront of the industry, R&D is key to what we do, as our incurably curious team relish the challenge of exploring applications for new technologies. It’s a privilege that clients invite us to help them innovate, whether they need a new interactive feature for streaming to Facebook or something more experimental like building our live questions tool into Amazon’s back-end, we’re always here to help. We work tirelessly to make clients’ dreams come true and like our website from 2001 says, ‘If you can dream it, we can stream it’!

One of the most fulfilling projects we worked on was to create a live stream experience for the Disabilities Rights Commission that supported an unscripted transcription feature for deaf viewers. This involved building custom hardware and a software interface into a stenography machine which was a global first!

groovy gecko 4 good.

Our team is passionate about helping local communities when we can, from pro bono streaming events such as World Pneumonia Day’s 24-hour stream and Vodafone Foundation’s Gaming Event, to our corporate donations for employee-chosen charities each year.

We are currently donating a portion of our profits to Stonewall, which supports the LGBT+ community and campaigns for equality in the UK and globally.

Our founder, Craig, who was born in South Africa, also works hard to help other countries in Africa, including a village called Enkikwe in the Maasai Mara. After visiting this village with David, a local tour guide, Craig realised there was so much that could be done on a small scale that would have a huge impact on hundreds of people. So Groovy Gecko provides electricity, clothing and other materials to Enkikwe and we’re raising money to build facilities so the locals have access to fresh water and toilets. In the summer, they currently have to walk for over 50 miles to the nearest well and carry back what they can for their families.

We’ve been supporting this community for over 2 years and are always innovating within our teams to come up with new ideas on how we can do more for them. If you’re interesting in helping us build water systems and facilities in Enkikwe or helping them in other ways, please contact gg4good@groovygecko.com.

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