In the constantly evolving field of medicine, training and demonstrations that utilise the latest technologies are essential, for practitioners Continual Professional Development (CPD). Groovy Gecko’s immersive Virtual Event Production services offer a transformative platform for medical training, combining real-time, live-streamed demonstrations with interactive, virtual learning experiences. Unfettered by geographical constraints, our solution opens the doors to a wealth of expertise and insights, presenting an efficient, impactful alternative to traditional methods.


Service Overview:


Real Time Demonstrations: Our top-notch Virtual Event Production service utilises cutting-edge technology to live-stream medical procedures and training sessions. Viewers get a front-row seat to medical demonstrations, which can be paused, rewound, or replayed for better understanding.

Interactive Learning: The virtual format encourages active participation, with tools for real-time questions, discussions, and interactive sessions. This two-way communication fosters an engaging learning environment.

Expert Medical Training: Our solution offers access to an extensive network of medical professionals and experts. Learners can tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise that might have been out of reach in a traditional setting.


Implementing Groovy Gecko’s Virtual Event Production services results in a transformative medical training experience. Improved accessibility and interactivity lead to higher engagement and knowledge retention. Furthermore, it allows the medical community to stay updated with the latest techniques and developments, despite geographical limitations.

Groovy Gecko’s partnership with Allergan and Strata is a testament to our capability to tailor our services to specific needs. We built a secure, multilingual virtual platform for Allergan’s global surgical events. With seamless CRM integration, we delivered an engaging, interactive platform for private members worldwide. Learn more about this project on our case studies page.

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    Groovy Gecko’s vast experience, technological prowess, and innovative thinking make us the ideal partner for your virtual medical training needs. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and bespoke solutions ensure that we deliver nothing short of the best.

    Revolutionise your approach to medical training with Groovy Gecko’s Virtual Event Production services. Contact us today, and let’s shape the future of medical education together.



    Internal communications event for Selfridges, live streamed by  Groovy Gecko

    “Our solution opens the doors to a wealth of expertise and insights, presenting an efficient, impactful alternative to traditional methods”