The world of retail has dramatically evolved, with the advent of technology transforming the traditional buying experience. At Groovy Gecko, we harness this evolution to present Retail Video Commerce with Live Selling – a unique service that amalgamates the power of live-streaming and e-commerce. Picture your new season clothing range brought to life on a live-stream, where your audience is not only a spectator but a participant, purchasing your products in real-time. This immersive shopping event, delivered on renowned platforms such as Amazon, TikTok, Firework, Smartzer, and Livesell, can substantially boost audience engagement and elevate your sales, all while redefining the retail experience for your customers.


Service Overview:

Revolutionary Retail Experience: Retail Live Selling reinvents traditional shopping experiences, transforming your customers from passive browsers to active participants. With real-time interaction and live purchases, your audience becomes an integral part of your retail journey, paving the way for deeper brand connections.

Engaging & Interactive: Live shopping events offer a captivating platform for engagement. From live Q&A sessions to real-time polls, our Retail Live Selling service facilitates interactive experiences oster stronger relationships with your audience.

Boosted Sales: The seamless integration of live-streaming and e-commerce during your live event, invites customers to shop in real-time. This not only reduces the lag between desire and purchase but also contributes to a notable increase in sales.

Tailored to Your Brand: Every brand is unique, and our Retail Live Selling service acknowledges this. We ensure your live-stream echoes your brand’s ethos, aesthetics, and specific product features, thus enhancing the authenticity of your live selling event.


Choosing Groovy Gecko’s Retail Live Selling service results in a significant increase in engagement and sales, a richer, more interactive customer experience, and revolutionises retail for your brand.

Discover how Next Plc utilised our Retail Live Selling service to launch a new season of their clothing range during a live-stream, reaping remarkable engagement and sales success. Delve into our case studies for more insights into the transformative potential of Retail Live Selling.

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    At Groovy Gecko, we’re not just service providers; we’re collaborators invested in your success. We bring technical expertise, experience, and an understanding of your brand to offer you exceptional Retail Live Selling services. With our innovative solutions, we ensure your retail events make a lasting impression, reaching beyond traditional boundaries and driving your sales.

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    Internal communications event for Selfridges, live streamed by  Groovy Gecko