In the dynamic realm of digital broadcasting, Groovy Gecko leads with unparalleled live stream security. Our latest enhancements in Watermarking & DRM, key components of our Enhanced Streaming Security suite, assure that your live streams are not only secure but also uniquely tailored to your audience. Discover the unmatched confidence that comes with Groovy Gecko’s steadfast commitment to safeguarding your digital content in a multi-lingual, accessible format.


Service Overview:

Our Watermarking & DRM Services offer sophisticated solutions for exceptional content protection:

Advanced Watermarking Technology: This feature goes beyond traditional security measures. Our sophisticated watermarking is fully customisable, allowing you to embed unique codes, email addresses, or text overlays within the stream. This customization extends to the placement, frequency, and appearance of the watermark, adapting to your specific security and branding needs. It ensures that each stream is not only secure but also traceable and distinctive, enhancing both security and viewer engagement.

Multilingual Support: Understanding the global nature of digital content, our technology offers watermarking in multiple languages. This capability ensures that your content is secure, accessible, and engaging for a diverse, global audience.

Robust DRM Solutions:  Augmenting the EckoEnterprise platform, our DRM solution leverages industry-leading standards – FairPlay, WideVine, and PlayReady. This ‘Hollywood grade’ DRM technology ensures that even if a stream link is intercepted, it remains unplayable without a valid license from Groovy Gecko, offering an additional layer of protection against unauthorized distribution.


Choosing Groovy Gecko’s Watermarking & DRM solutions means ensuring stringent protection against piracy while enhancing accessibility. Our approach secures your content from unauthorised access and guarantees that your live streams reach only the intended audience, regardless of language. This commitment extends to protecting your intellectual property and maximizing revenue potential, as evidenced by our diverse case studies.

Experience the transformative impact through our detailed case studiesEach case study offers a real-world demonstration of how our solutions protect our clients’ content, helping them focus on what truly matters: creating great content.

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    In an online landscape where security breaches are a frequent concern, Groovy Gecko stands tall with a solid reputation for maintaining the integrity of our client’s live streams. Our Watermarking & DRM services, are a testament to our commitment to robust security, and utilise cutting-edge technology to ensure your content remains your exclusive property. Experience the peace of mind that comes from choosing Groovy Gecko.

    Ready to take the security of your live streams to the next level? Contact Groovy Gecko today to learn how our Enhanced Streaming Security, including our unique Watermarking & DRM solutions, can protect your content and maximise your ROI.

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