Virtual event production at Groovy Gecko does more than just facilitating online gatherings; it provides an avenue to express and enact your corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies effectively.


Service Overview:

Expert Team: Our seasoned professionals understand the intricacies of CSR communication. They ensure your CSR messages resonate with your audience, encouraging a stronger bond with your brand.

Green Approach: By eliminating the need for travel, virtual events may potentially lower carbon footprints. We’re a company that values sustainable practices and we hope that our services have a positive impact on environmental preservation.

Inclusive Experiece: We create accessible events, ensuring that everyone, regardless of location or ability, can participate. This embodies our commitment to inclusive and equal opportunities.


When you harness our virtual event production for your CSR initiatives, you can anticipate:

  • Greater awareness and appreciation of your CSR efforts.
  • Improved brand reputation as you champion CSR objectives.
  • An inclusive platform for all stakeholders, fostering a sense of unity and participation.
  • A green solution that underpins your environmental commitments.

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    why choose groovy gecko:

    When it comes to CSR-focused virtual event production, Groovy Gecko is the premier choice:

    • Experience in CSR Communication: We understand the nuances of conveying CSR initiatives, and tailoring our approach to your unique requirements.
    • Sustainability: Our virtual events have a role in environmental care, mirroring your interest in sustainability.Inclusive
    • Approach: We ensure everyone has access to your events, aligning with your CSR goals of equality and inclusivity.

    Embrace the potential of virtual event production in your CSR strategy. Contact Groovy Gecko today to create meaningful, engaging, and sustainable virtual events.



    Internal communications event for Selfridges, live streamed by  Groovy Gecko