Groovy Gecko is your partner in taking conferences globally through our premier corporate webcasting services. We deliver your message, loud and clear, across multiple platforms including Teams, EckoEnterprise, Cvent, Restream, Vimeo, Kaltura, ON24 and more, ensuring audience accessibility, no matter where they are. With our comprehensive services, your conference’s reach, impact, and efficiency are elevated to an unprecedented level.


Service Overview:

Platform Proficiency::  Our Groovy Gecko team is skilled in leveraging various platforms for high-quality corporate webcasting. From Microsoft Teams to our very own EckoEnterprise, as well as platforms like Cvent, Restream, Vimeo, Kaltura, ON24, and more, we deliver your conferences seamlessly, right to your audience’s preferred platform.

Interactive Engagement: Our corporate webcasting services are designed with adaptability in mind. Each conference is unique, with its own specific requirements and audience expectations. We tailor the webcasting experience to match these specific needs, whether it’s a small internal gathering or a large international event. Our commitment to customisation ensures your message is delivered effectively and professionally.

Boosted Sales: Our webcasting services integrate innovative live-streaming engagement tools like Realm and Acceessify, creating a dynamic environment for real-time interaction. Attendees participate actively, ask questions, and engage with speakers, thereby enhancing their overall conference experience. It’s not just about broadcasting a conference; it’s about creating an engaging and interactive virtual environment.

Fully Virtual Stakeholder Comms for Conferences: With the rise of digital transformation, there’s no need to limit your stakeholder interactions to physical meetings. Groovy Gecko’s superior multi-platform corporate webcasting services offer an impactful solution for fully virtual stakeholder communications. In a completely virtual setting, we facilitate conferences that are engaging, interactive, and effective. Whether it’s an open discussion, a keynote speech, or a Q&A session, we ensure your message is clearly communicated to your stakeholders, regardless of their geographical location. Our seamless streaming technology enables real-time interactions, fostering an inclusive, immersive conference experience. With Groovy Gecko, stakeholder communications are not just possible, but optimised in a virtual space, expanding your reach while ensuring a fruitful exchange of ideas and information.

Hybrid Conference Solutions : In the fast-paced world of corporate communications, Groovy Gecko stands out with our cutting-edge hybrid conference solutions. Our specialty lies in blending the physical and digital domains to deliver a seamless, engaging conference experience to all attendees, no matter where they’re participating from. By synchronising both onsite and remote presenters, our technology guarantees a smooth interaction, whether your presenters are onstage or joining from a distant location. This hybrid approach amplifies the inclusivity and flexibility of your conference, overcoming geographical limitations and accommodating participant needs. With Groovy Gecko, you can rest assured that your conference will be a resounding success, whether your audience is in the room or connecting virtually.


Implementing Groovy Gecko’s corporate conference webcasting services results in increased reach, elevated visibility, while improving the quality of your conferences. It’s a quantum leap from physical constraints to global accessibility, ensuring your message resonates with audiences, regardless of geographic boundaries. Harness the power of our services to transform your corporate communications.

Explore our corporate webcasting expertise through our rich collection of case studies. Each case study serves as highlights the enhancements we bring to conferences through our multi-platform corporate webcasting services, demonstrating our commitment to quality, customisation, and audience engagement. .

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