Elevate the way you conduct your press events with EckoEnterprise, Groovy Gecko’s outstanding live-streaming platform. Expertly designed to cater to exclusive, invite-only events and situations where additional security is paramount, our platform ensures your press conferences and announcements are delivered with style, security, and sophistication.


Service Overview:

Press events hold significant importance, acting as key channels for disseminating your brand’s news and updates. With EckoEnterprise, you can maximise the impact of these events while retaining their exclusivity. Our platform offers:

Superior Streaming Quality: High-definition, smooth streaming ensures your press events are a high quality viewing experience. 

Interactive Elements: Engage your audience with real-time Q&As and chat rooms, turning viewers into active participants.

Customisable Platform: Tailor the user interface to reflect your brand and the tone of your press event.

Secure Broadcasting: Ensure your invite-only events remain private with our stringent security measures.



With EckoEnterprise, your press events transform into highly interactive experiences, captivating your audience, fostering community engagement, and enhancing your brand’s reputation for innovation and inclusivity.

Our case studies provide a real-world snapshot of how various businesses have harnessed EckoEnterprise. These practical examples, across multiple sectors, reveal the seamless adaptability of our platform and its effectiveness in elevating virtual events to new heights.

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    When you choose Groovy Gecko’s EckoEnterprise, you’re opting for more than a live-streaming platform. You’re choosing a partner with a wealth of industry experience, commitment to inclusivity and security, and a proven track record in delivering memorable online experiences. Make your press events truly resonate with EckoEnterprise. Contact Groovy Gecko and discover the power of EckoEnterprise, our customisable live streaming platform. Experience the future of secure and engaging live streaming.

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