Meetings with key stakeholders require a blend of security, exclusivity, and a polished presentation. Groovy Gecko’s EckoEnterprise, a customisable live-streaming platform, is designed precisely for such requirements. Transform your Stakeholder Comms with superior live-streaming that blends robust security with unparalleled customisation.


Service Overview:

EckoEnterprise elevates your Stakeholder Comms by offering:

High Quality Live Streaming:  Ensure your communications are crisp and clear, making a professional impression on every stakeholder.

Unyielding Security: Unyielding Security: Protect your sensitive communications with our advanced security protocols.

Customisable Interface:  Tailor the streaming environment to mirror your corporate image and brand identity.

Interactive Engagement: Engage stakeholders with real-time features such as Q&As, polls, and chats, fostering a sense of active participation.

Exclusice Access: Handle invite-only events smoothly, ensuring only the intended audience is granted access.


With EckoEnterprise, expect highly secure, and engaging Stakeholder Comms. You’ll deliver exceptional online experiences, creating a positive and lasting impression on key stakeholders.

Explore our case studies to see how EckoEnterprise has been successfully utilised in Stakeholder Comms, illustrating our platform’s versatile capabilities and robust security.

    why choose groovy gecko

    Choose Groovy Gecko for your Stakeholder Comms to leverage our blend of cutting-edge technology, vast industry experience, and a focus on security and customisation. With EckoEnterprise, your meetings aren’t just secured; they’re transformed into compelling experiences.

    Ready to revolutionise your Stakeholder Comms? Contact Groovy Gecko to learn more about EckoEnterprise, our customisable live-streaming platform, and discover how we can elevate your high-stakes communications

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