Groovy Gecko is excited to push the frontiers of online training with EckoEnterprise. Our customisable live-streaming platform is devoted to raising the bar for your training events, transforming them into immersive, collaborative, and secure learning experiences. When you choose EckoEnterprise, you choose to impart  knowledge, inspire progress, and cultivate a skilled workforce.


Service Overview:

With EckoEnterprise, we are steadfast in our commitment to amplifying the impact of your training sessions. Be it a focused internal learning session or a large-scale professional workshop, our platform is designed to address and exceed your expectations. It offers:

Innovative Engagement Tools:  Propel participant engagement and ensure a thorough understanding of the training content with our real-time polls, Q&As, and live chat options.

Accessibility Anywhere: Empower your team to receive training whenever and wherever it suits them, surmounting geographical and logistical barriers that hinder continuous learning.

Streamlined Experience: Provide a seamless learning environment with top-tier audio-visual quality, ensuring clear communication and a focused training ambiance.

Enhanced Security: Conduct your confidential training sessions with total peace of mind, thanks to our stringent security measures that guard your data, your content  and user privacy.


Opting for EckoEnterprise facilitates a new era of organisational learning. It enables you to deliver comprehensive and engaging training that fuels knowledge, hones skillsets, and consequently drives the overall growth and productivity of your workforce and company.

Experience the transformative impact of EckoEnterprise through our detailed case studies. These testimonials show how various businesses, across multiple sectors, have effectively utilised our platform to elevate their training events to new heights, driving knowledge acquisition and professional development.

    why choose groovy gecko

    Choosing Groovy Gecko means selecting more than a live-streaming platform; it means choosing a partner who is committed to your success. EckoEnterprise is not just a platform, but a comprehensive solution that delivers cutting-edge technology, adaptable features, and a secure environment. Transform your training events into powerful learning avenues with EckoEnterprise.

    Are you ready to revolutionise your training events? Contact Groovy Gecko today and learn more about how EckoEnterprise can redefine your training approach. Let’s work together to shape the future of professional training.

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