Online Video Platform

Our clients often come to us with a common problem.

Online Video Platform by Groovy Gecko, online video streaming specialists

They need to organise and leverage their video content and deliver it in a world where the devices they are targeting are constantly changing.In fact they are producing so much content that just creating different formats for all the devices is a considerable investment.

Our solution is the Online Video Platform or OVP which can give clients a corporate video platform that will enable them to make the very best use of their content.

This Software as a Service product (SaaS) allows you to upload all your on-demand master video files to one location where they can be managed centrally. The OVP automatically transcodes these master files into every format you require from PC to tablet, mobile to set top box, saving a significant amount of time.

This creates a single location where all video content can be stored including material for internal comms, PR, marketing and education. The content can then be securely served to different audiences based on a user’s location, areas of responsibility, security level and role.

Each video is treated as a single object that can be marked with sophisticated metadata (such as Title, Description and any other items clients wish to define) and can be allocated to custom defined categories to support sophisticated segmentation of the content. Videos can also be tagged with free text which can be used for Video Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO).

In the OVP you can create your own custom player to handle playback of your content on all devices. New formats can be retrospectively catered for, you simply add another transcoding profile to your content and the system makes it work, significantly reducing the cost and admin required to support new devices.

The OVP allows you to manage, approve and publish content while controlling things like when it expires, limiting its viewership on a country by country basis or even by IP. The sharing functionality within the player also allows you to easily share the content via other websites and through Social Media.

Web pages can be built, based on video metadata, so that they are dependent on the content uploaded. If video is added to the system, or playlists altered, this is automatically reflected in the web pages without any further content management or development effort.

API’s and additional modules allow integration with a wide variety of existing CMS’s and we can help you with everything from a complete video centric site build to simply supporting your web team to implement the system for your site.

Additional modules also allow for simple YouTube integration, SharePoint and Moodle functionality as well as the capability to set up an in-house corporate YouTube so that employees can share their own content.

Overall it reduces the amount of time you spend managing your video resources while ensuring you get the best returns from your content by allowing it to be viewed on all your target platforms.

Our partner Kaltura supplies the back end of our OVP service and has over 100,000 clients worldwide and we in turn are their professional services partner in the UK. With a research and development team of over 80, the system is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with an OVP. Of course by working with Groovy Gecko you will also have the high level of customer support that we are renowned for.

Of course because this is a 3rd party, open source platform, you are not tied into us, or any other company, so if you wish to make changes to your solution in the future you can giving you a truly flexible video platform for business.

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