Samsung x Cheil, CYLNDR, Epic, & Ocean

Samsung 3D Interactive Gaming Live Stream

We partnered with Samsung to orchestrate an extraordinary 3D livestream event, set against the backdrop of London’s bustling Piccadilly Circus. This innovative project transformed the iconic Piccadilly Lights into an interactive gaming arena, featuring a high-stakes Rocket League challenge between two popular gaming influencers. This unique collaboration, streamed live to audiences around the globe, not only captivated viewers but also showcased Samsung’s cutting-edge Gaming Hub technology, resulting in a remarkable engagement on social platforms.


Samsung aimed to elevate its brand presence and showcase the capabilities of its Gaming Hub in a groundbreaking way.

The primary goal was to engage a wide audience by leveraging the appeal of interactive gaming and advanced 3D livestreaming technology.

By integrating real-time audience interaction through Ocean Outdoor’s DeepScreen® ALIVE technology, Samsung sought to create a buzz around the event and encourage viewer participation.

The objectives were clear: to generate excitement and buzz in the digital space, drive engagement through the use of the hashtag #SamsungGamingLive, and solidify Samsung’s position as a leader in innovative gaming experiences. The event was designed not just to entertain but also to demonstrate that gaming is an inclusive and accessible activity for everyone, from novices to pro-level gamers.

What we did.

Groovy Gecko helped Samsung deliver an interactive 3D livestream, featuring two gaming influencers competing in a Rocket League challenge, directly into the Piccadilly Lights advertising screen.

Working in partnership with Cheil, CYLNDR, Epic, and Ocean we shot and delivered a live stream which featured a pre-show onto social platforms before
the half hour gaming event was live-streamed to the Piccadilly Lights screen.

Using Ocean Outdoor’s DeepScreen® ALIVE technology allowed the crowd’s live reactions (Emojis) to appear within the livestream to promote Samsung’s Gaming Hub.

Viewers in Piccadilly Circus could share their reactions and support, using theirmobile phones to scan a QR code and send an emoji reaction which instantly appeared on the big screen. The livestream itself was embedded within a 3D animation of a Samsung Smart TV, presenting the game as if spectators were watching it on their own TV sets.

What the client said.

Gus Grimaldi, Head of Product, Europe, Samsung Electronics, said: “We are pushing the boundaries to create engaging customer experiences, showcasing our Gaming Hub capabilities in an incredible 3D display on London’s Piccadilly screen. We want to encourage people to enjoy and embrace gaming, whether you’re a novice or pro-level – gaming is for everyone. Our Gaming Hub provides thousands of games at your fingertips, and we’re delighted to bring this to life on such an iconic London landmark.”

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