Blending Realities:

The ‘Fantastique World’ Hybrid Gaming Showcase

In a groundbreaking venture, Tain IOM, a prominent online gaming software company, tapped into Groovy Gecko’s expertise for a live hybrid gaming project titled ‘Fantastique World’. Tasked with introducing their new online betting game at the prestigious ICE exhibition at the Excel Center, Tain IOM aimed to blend the digital with the tangible, bringing their fully virtual world into a physical dimension.


The ‘Fantastique World’ project marked a significant milestone in the evolution of online gaming, blending the digital prowess of Tain IOM with Groovy Gecko’s live streaming innovation. This ambitious project aimed to transcend traditional gaming experiences by introducing a real-life presenter into the virtual realm, thereby enhancing player engagement and retention.

Tain, a trailblazer in online gaming software development, has consistently pushed the boundaries of interactive gaming. Their vision for ‘Fantastique World’ was to create a virtual betting game that not only offered cutting-edge gameplay but also fostered a deeper connection with its players through the incorporation of human elements.


The challenge was multifaceted: how to seamlessly integrate a real-life presenter into a virtual environment for a live demonstration at a major exhibition. This required not only technical prowess but also a deep understanding of both the gaming audience’s expectations and the logistical complexities of live events. Moreover, the project demanded ultra-low latency to accommodate the real-time nature of betting games, where even minimal delays could impact the user experience.

what we did.

Our approach leveraged the Unreal Engine, providing a robust foundation for merging real-world elements with the game’s virtual environment. We set up a green screen at the ICE exhibition, enabling us to place the presenter within the virtual world of ‘Fantastique World’ in real-time. This integration was supported by API calls between the Unreal servers and the gaming server, triggering live results in the virtual world based on real-time interactions.

To ensure a seamless experience, we deployed low-latency servers, crucial for maintaining the integrity of a betting game where timing is everything. Our engineering team, equipped with state-of-the-art encoding technology, facilitated this complex integration, ensuring a flawless presentation to the exhibition attendees and online viewers alike.

Green screen setup at ICE exhibition by Groovy Gecko

the results.

The ‘Fantastique World’ demonstration at ICE was a resounding success. By elevating the production values and incorporating a live, human presenter into the virtual game environment, we were able to captivate both the exhibition attendees and the wider online audience. This innovative approach not only showcased the game’s features in an engaging manner but also set a new standard for interactive gaming presentations.

This project underscores Groovy Gecko’s ability to navigate the complexities of live, hybrid events and deliver solutions that transcend traditional digital experiences. Our collaboration with Tain IOM for the ‘Fantastique World’ demo at ICE exemplifies our commitment to innovation, quality, and the seamless fusion of technology and human interaction.

Are you looking to elevate your gaming presentations or require a sophisticated solution for your next hybrid event? Reach out to Groovy Gecko. Let’s transform your vision into a reality with our bespoke live streaming and event production services.


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