Multinational oil, gas and renewable energy company

regular live webcasts

Groovy Gecko’s close relationship with this company has been a constant innovation. Working on a large number of webcasts for them since 2005, we’ve delivered successful and at times, bespoke solutions while at the same time gaining the trust of one of the world’s largest organisations.

Our client needs to consistently deliver high quality live webcasts to their internal and external audiences. We were first approached by them to set up and deliver the live webcasts for their 4Q full year 2005 results. Starting from a small number of streams, we’ve constantly worked with them as a partner to create new features based on their needs. We did this on a granular level, taking feedback from each business unit rather than general overall feedback, which allowed such a large company to receive personalisation and customisation which was key.

our first event with them.

The first project we did with them, their 4Q results, was a fully managed multi-session event with a break in the afternoon, utilising our auto-rollover staging, where we move between live and offline throughout the day. They wanted a bespoke stats interface so they could track the popularity of video and other KPI’s of each webcast and compare and contrast that over years by sector and business unit so they could justify ROI, which we built into our Live Presentation System (LPS) that eventually turned into our SaaS product, EckoEnterprise. Our first project with this client developed into a strengthened relationship where they eventually became an intimate stakeholder and product owner of our EckoEnterprise platform. Their feedback from different business units helps us improve the platform constantly.

What we do.

On average, we work on about 15-20 business units of theirs around the world, meaning we do a substantial amount of internal and external streams. We live stream their quarterly results of financial external reporting as well as occasional reviews including their Energy Statistics Review where they present research about the nature of the energy market globally. They like using our platform because each business unit can customise the stream to their own look and feel as well as incorporating their own KPI’s and analytics. All GDPR regulations are strictly adhered to.

Events that we’ve provided for them include charity events such as their awards event and other events, which in 2015, was a video conference room setup starting in Singapore and gradually moving around the world to the UK and US where each unit would discuss their sector and details. Other events covered a wide range of topics including LGBTQ+ rights and information when the company enacted their first gay CEO. We also set up welfare solutions so their diaspora staff and families could access 20 live TV channels for them and their families while they were working in remote locations overseas.

For some of their live webcasts, our team manages the integration multiple remote live feeds. At the Groovy Gecko Hub in London, we’re able to acquire remote videos and audio from their local feeds and accommodate anything from polycom cisco conferencing hardware to virtual Skype, Microsoft Teams to Zoom.

Some remote locations, especially in Asia and Africa struggle with consistent, stable bandwidth connections so Groovy Gecko deployed multiple LiveU cellular bonding units to overcome this challenge. There cost effective units combine all sorts of available bandwidth (ethernet, wifi, cellular etc) to ensure that a the Groovy Gecko Hub can securely acquire feeds from business units around the world to create a seamless stable, and consistent live experience.

We started slowly with this company, carrying out a few webcasts, ramping up with steady growth over the years as they have realised the value of streaming and webcasting. We now stream about 140 live presentations a year for them.


How have the events evolved over the years?

We’ve made sure over the years that we’ve been receiving constant content and technical feedback from this company. We’ve specifically built into the system a feedback form that is pushed after every webcast so we’re able to constantly improve our clients’ experience. We’ve integrated functions and features such as polling and quizzes in our LPS as a result of working with them. We have a very sophisticated question moderation workflow that allows us to uniquely handle multiple languages and translations. In addition, this affords their legal council the ability to quickly triage and modify questions for almost instance display to a presenters iPad on the podium.

Many new innovations have been incorporated in to the EckoEnterprise platform chiefly because of the long standing trust relationship but also because of Groovy Gecko’s ability to openly collaborate and anticipate the changing needs.

They also use our GG Clipper tool from our REALM tool suite for their Statistics review to share clips to social media as their social team had a requirement to take the immediacy of an on-demand version of live, breaking news to share while a broadcast was still live, which we have a solution for.

One of the main challenges for large corporate enterprises is that large-scale webcasts usually threaten the stability and availability of critical internal bandwidth. With the current demand for video, network capacity, especially for live events is stretched.

We’re solving the problem of capacity to meet demand (many people watching live video inside a firewall) by a smart integration of peer to peer technology into our Enterprise Video platform called EckoEnterprise. This feature safeguards the integrity of the network to allow critical ERP systems and business applications (email browser etc.) to function properly. This has been integrated natively into our EckoEnterprise platform. With an investment in this technology, which crucially works at a network level instead of an application level, companies can gain the benefit of easily webcasting using other live applications such as Microsoft Teams and Stream in additional to EckoEnterprise. This integration has greatly benefited this company recently.

the results.

Although this company has embraced EckoEnterprise in the last 15 years, new solutions like Microsoft Teams and Stream and peer to peer technology act as a complimentary components that we work alongside. Each business unit will have different requirements for things like production values, statistics requirements, and reporting, so Groovy Gecko work flexibly to facilitate whatever is required to ensure secure, consistent and global communications for the company and their stakeholders.

Groovy Gecko are committed to change and working with integrating with other platforms and EckoEnterprise’s unified comms adapter brings in feeds from Microsoft Teams and other third-party products to streamline the experience. This company uses the EckoEnterprise Enterprise Video platform for webcasts, ensuring consistency, security, quality, branding and reporting across all business units.

Feedback from the client: “I wanted to email you to say what a fantastic job you did to help deliver the live webcast for us. This was a complex webcast requiring a measured approach and high level of attention to detail and redundancy. The presenters, including the CIO, found it well planned and professionally run. The successful planning and implementation shows that we have one of the best if not the best webcasting solutions out there. A big thanks to all the team – an excellent job!”

From the Global VP of Information Systems: “…Just to add my thanks to the whole Groovy Gecko team for a fantastic job well done – it’s greatly appreciated as this was an incredibly important day for us and was flawlessly delivered to our global audience.”

Head of External Communications: “Awesome work you lot! Can’t believe the quality and the audience and everything. You did a phenomenal job. Thank you!”

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