lumineers album launch

We worked with Facebook on multiple live streams for the upcoming launch of the new Lumineers album.

This included the production and live streaming of a Q&A with the band at a beautiful chapel in London, followed by the production and live streaming of a live performance and Q&A at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) a few months later.


Facebook sought to drive our new REALM GG Live Questions tool into the music industry, and as part our existing relationship with Decca Records (Universal), we partnered with them to use the new features on an upcoming album launch for world renowned band, The Lumineers.

What we did.

For part 1 of The Lumineers live streams promoting their new album, The Lumineers became one of the first members of the music industry to use the new Live Questions tool and got comfortable in the beautiful surroundings of London’s Union Chapel in the week preceding their set at Glastonbury. Presenter George Lamb, equipped with the moderated questions sent in from the live online audience, put thought provoking questions to the band. Our developers and engineers built on the native Facebook API’s and created an app to help run and manage the online engagement so fans’ questions could be filtered and chosen to be sent through to the presenter. While host George asked the fan questions to the band, the question being discussed would appear as an embedded graphic banner on the live stream featuring the contributing fan’s name and avatar.

The new questions card provides an overlay on the live stream which can be driven by the editorial team to pose much more specific questions for the viewers to respond to rather than the traditional method of pulling in all submissions from the comments section.

the results.

The live Q&A at the Chapel and the performance and Q&A at the TIFF were extremely well received with Facebook, Decca and the band being incredibly impressed with the level and quality of engagement. The streams saw a grand total of 152,000 views and over 800 comments sent in.

Nick from the Facebook team commented, “After about my fourth viewing this morning, I can’t express how happy I am with how this turned out! This was such a great moment and I’m thrilled we were able to capture it in an authentic way.  We saw the band after and Jer mentioned that his Dad was watching from Denver and his wife’s family was watching in Italy.  Nick Stahl’s daughter was peppering the comments with “Hi Dad”, Charlie’s parents and sister chimed in too that they were watching (and that’s just from what I gleaned from skimming the comments), so it’s extra special that we were able to bring this once-in-a-lifetime moment back to the loved ones who weren’t able to be in attendance.  To me, this is the biggest win of the event and truly exemplifies our mission at Facebook, so thank you again.”



total views



watch the full stream.

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Lumineers Album Launch
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