Cancer Research

live from inside the human body

Groovy Gecko were approached by Cancer Research to live stream and produce a colonoscopy and polyp removal surgery directly to Channel 4 as well as their Facebook pages.
Live From Inside The Human Body was a live stream and a procedure that was watched in real time by a Channel 4 audience and Facebook audience. Following the procedure, Facebook viewers had the opportunity to send in questions that would be answered by a nurse on-screen.


Cancer research wanted to create an interactive webcast for an audience of students and those interested in surgeries or had questions about bowel cancer and polyps by offering a live Q&A to their Facebook audience.

What we did.

We used the Live Questions function from REALM (Real-time Engagement and Live Management) to scrape the comments for questions which were then moderated and sent to the host for discussing with the nurse on-screen. We provided a team of 5 to manage the live workflow and moderation of questions, as well as the production.

the results.

The live stream was a great success and saw over 250 comments sent in by the live Facebook audience, while more tuned in on Channel 4. Questions submitted included “Can bowel cancer run in families?” and “What are the symptoms of polyps; How would you know you had them?”.
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watch the full stream.

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