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world pneumonia day

Groovy Gecko teamed up with Engine MHP and Every Breath Counts to deliver a live death counter on social media to raise awareness of the impact of childhood pneumonia around the world.

In this social media campaign, Engine | MHP raised awareness that childhood pneumonia is the world’s biggest infectious disease killer of children – claiming more than 800,000 lives annually.


MHP and the team at Every Breath Counts wanted to stream a live counter into their Twitter account that increased by one every 39 seconds, to represent the amount of children of die of pneumonia around the world every day. The aim of this campaign was to propel pneumonia to the top of the health agenda in targeting national governments, policymakers and donors in a bid to increase access and funding for pneumonia treatment and prevention strategies.

What we did.

We developed the graphics and technology behind the counter which ran live for 24 hours on the Every Breath Counts Twitter page to mark World Pneumonia Day. The counter increased by one every 39 seconds – the rate at which children are dying. By midnight, the counter reached 2,215.

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