p30 phone launch

Groovy Gecko worked with Red Consultancy to live stream Huawei’s International P30 Phone Launch in Paris.

To expand the reach of the Huawei P30 phone launch, Huawei wanted to live stream their launch event to multiple countries in multiple languages.


Launching from Paris, Huawei wanted to engage consumers on the launch of their new P30 mobile phone across Europe with a live stream of featuring a news banner at the bottom of the screen showing highlights and information throughout. They wanted to stream the event in different European markets with various languages involved.

What we did.

We built a News Ticker tool that would feature copy continuously moving throughout the stream, which is now featured on our REALM suite of tools. We created 26 streams In 5 languages to hundreds of pages across Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, and we used the same live video for each stream but created a different news ticker on the bottom of the screen, so each was regionalised. We added a region language translation ticker to a global feed so depending on which country you were viewing from, the viewer would see the news ticker in their region’s language.

Fed by copy supplied to us from the keynote speech, we were sent updated copy for the news tickers in English, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch in real time, so we managed the technical delivery of updating each stream to reflect the features being unveiled of the phone, lining up with the sections of the keynote speech. We also edited the language of the title and copy of each live stream post depending on its location.

the results.

The live streams saw over 3.7 million views across the platforms, and over 800 comments. The streams and their various news tickers ran smoothly and seamlessly.


total views



watch the full stream.

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