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Pfizer’s agency BCW Global approached Groovy Gecko to help provide a two day internal virtual conference for an exclusive list of attendees. Using our EckoEnterprise corporate software combined with Zoom, we seamlessly delivered an interactive live stream in a tight turnaround.


Under normal circumstances, Pfizer would have held an in-person conference, but due to Covid-19, needed to make the experience virtual. The event was for 50 internal employees with special speakers and interactive sessions. However this couldn’t feel like another Zoom meeting as the client wanted a professional and branded broadcast, with video content produced to a higher quality while allowing attendees to move seamlessly between breakout rooms and main conference sessions.

We were tasked with delivering the seamless interactive live stream combining Zoom with our corporate EckoEnterprise software and our remote production expertise to achieve a professional and high quality event.

What we did.

We decided to use our own software, EckoEnterprise, along with Zoom break out rooms to create a high quality and engaging experience. Doing this, we were able to incorporate the Zoom break out rooms seamlessly within the main presentation platform that hosted the speakers, presentation slides, and interactive functionality. At the end of the presentations on EckoEnterprise, a link to the attendees’ breakout session appeared. Following each breakout session, they could then jump back into EckoEnterprise seamlessly. We saw a 95% retention rate overall for those returning to EckoEnterprise following each break-out session. 

Featuring three remote keynote speakers, each presenter had a second device to control their own slides live. With a mixture of truly live and pre-recorded content augmented by graphic elements, we were able to deliver a high quality live.

the results.

The live stream were very successful, with a 95% retention rate throughout both days and consistent engagement in the live questions and polls as well as live reactions appearing on screen from the attendees. Most attendees watched for the entire duration of the live stream over both days, and the client was extremely happy with the overall turnout and quality of the experience.


questions and polls submitted


retention rate

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