body confidence panel q&a

We worked with Boots and Ogilvy & Mathers to live stream an interactive event with a panel of influencers discussing the topic of body confidence.

This live event was especially impressive as there were no negative comments, questions or trolling throughout the live stream, despite the subject matter.


Boots wanted to talk to some of the UK’s biggest influencers including Hannah Witton, Claire Emslie and Alex Cameron, about body confidence and to discuss relevant issues affecting young people today. Engagement was key and Boots wanted us to create a way to involve viewers in the event beyond simply watching the live stream.

What we did.

Using our new REALM Live Questions tool, we added a pop-up questions box to the live stream which viewers could privately submit to our moderator on-site, which were sorted and then sent to the panel and featured on a graphic overlay on-screen with the viewer’s avatar as well as to the TV screens behind the speaker at the venue. We used the questions tool in a unique way so that we asked the viewers specific questions about what makes them feel confident in the pop-up box throughout the stream, and we used their responses as discussion points for the panel. We didn’t ask them to ask questions to the panel, but instead share their stories and personal experiences to make the discussions more personal and relatable.

Our team was very flexible throughout this project as there were limitations at the venue including space and internet access, so our team used 4G cellular bonding with LiveU’s to create broadband on-site. We also helped Boots run a competition during the stream by scraping the comments in the Facebook comments section to choose a winner of a Boots goodie bag.

the results.

With 1.1M people following the Boots Facebook page and 7,200 live viewers, 100% of questions received were deemed as acceptable to present to the panel. There were no trolling or negative comments despite personal and vulnerable subjects discussed. There was an average of 10 responses per questions, with questions submitted including “How do you find social media affects your confidence?” and “What is your favourite feature about yourself and why?”

Ogilvy was especially happy with the live stream, saying “…Your team was amazing on the day and on the run up to the event … The whole thing went off without a hitch, despite the obstacles put in front of us, and I cannot say thank you enough. Boots were impressed, the results speak for themselves, you put together a stellar team for this and it showed through all facets of the project. I will ensure to put you guys forward for any event like this I hear about in the future, and I am looking forward to working together again.”


live views


negative comments despite subject matter


questions sent in were positive

watch the full stream.

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