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dune part 2 red carpet premiere from nyc

For the Dune Part 2 premiere in NYC, Groovy Gecko joined forces with Sassy Films, embarking on an ambitious project to broadcast the event across multiple digital platforms and cinemas. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Haivision decoder technology, we not only transcended geographical boundaries but also overcame the challenge of fixed bandwidth limitations at external locations.


Sassy Films, known for its pioneering approach to event coverage, aimed to take the Dune 2 premiere to a global audience, transcending the traditional confines of NYC. They required a streaming solution that was both reliable and versatile, capable of capturing and distributing high-quality live footage from the red carpet to various online platforms and physical venues.

Streaming a high-profile event like the Dune 2 premiere to multiple platforms simultaneously presented a multifaceted challenge. The need for high-quality, uninterrupted streaming in a scenario without guaranteed fixed bandwidth demanded a sophisticated solution. Moreover, the dynamic environment of a live red-carpet event necessitated unparalleled flexibility and precision in broadcast quality and delivery.

What we did.

Our strategy hinged on the innovative use of Haivision technology, a game-changer in the realm of live broadcasting. Haivision’s decoder allowed us to seamlessly receive content from the US production team under variable bandwidth conditions. Similar to LiveU, Haivision works by bonding cellular data at outside locations to create a robust transport feed. This pivotal technology enabled us to receive the NYC feed in our London Master Control Room (MCR), where it was then split and distributed to various social media platforms and a cinema feed, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive viewing experience.


The deployment of Haivision technology transformed the Dune 2 premiere into a global spectacle, attracting vast online and offline audiences. This approach not only enhanced the production values of the event but also fostered a deeper connection between the stars of Dune 2 and their fans, setting a new standard for premiere events in the digital age.

Collaborating with Sassy Films for the Dune 2 premiere, Groovy Gecko demonstrated the power of Haivision decoder technology in traditional broadcasting challenges. Our innovative live streaming solution ensured that fans worldwide could partake in the premiere’s excitement, solidifying our leadership in high-calibre, multi-platform event streaming

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