WMA X Amazon Prime

The Boys: Get The V Experiential Event

Agency WMA came to us with an exciting brief to stream Get The V: an experiential event to launch season 3 of the hit Amazon Prime show, The Boys. Teams from 6 countries across Europe came to London to participate in this Escape Room Experience, part of an Amazon Prime week-long activation.

With over 1.1 million views and a 13% increase in followers for the UK Prime Video account alone by the end of the stream, the event was a roaring success.


Amazon Prime UK needed full production and live stream management for this event where 6 teams across Europe competed in an Escape Room experience. Influencers from around the world joined in-person and virtually over the course of 9 hours to complete the experience in an abandoned East London office block. This event was part of a week-long Amazon Prime UK activation to launch season 3 of The Boys.

What we did.

We produced and live streamed the experience, setting up 7 cameras including go pros, steadycams and robotic cams, as well as in-ear monitors (IEM) for talent. The RF (Remote Frequency) setup was arranged over multiple floors so that all the cameras and mics could be vision mixed wirelessly. We vision mixed, sound mixed and added translated subtitle graphics to the stream throughout the event. We also mixed in remote participant feeds and coordinated logistics so the event was as seamless as possible.

We streamed each countries escape room experience back to back with a 30 minute reset in between, meaning we had to keep to a very tight turnaround time for each Escape Room stream. We ran streams from 1pm – 10:30pm UK time and translations were done for the different countries for lower third graphics explaining what was happening. Actors were all speaking English, with their lines translated beforehand and displayed on-screen throughout the stream, while the presenters spoke candidly in their native language. Most of the teams had an influencer that supported them through the escape room virtually from Twitch, connected to the presenters through In ear monitors, while the influencer could see what was going on through a bodycam.


the results.

1.1 million views across 6 streams was a record for an Amazon Prime Video activation on Twitch. A 13% follower increase for the Prime Video UK Twitch channel by the end of the streams is no simple feat, and Amazon and WMA were thrilled with their impressive stats. With 6 streams from 6 different countries going out through various Twitch influencer channels, this activation was truly international!


total views


increase in followers for Prime Video UK by the end of the last stream


countries participated

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