Universal Music Group

A Bocelli Family Christmas

Our strong relationship with Universal Music Group meant that we were the go-to agency to live stream their latest Andrea Bocelli event, A Bocelli Family Christmas.

The stream received over 2 million views with thousands of comments, shares and interactions.


The first event was a pre-recorded short film streamed to Andrea Bocelli’s public YouTube channel. The second event was a VIP AfterParty stream on YouTube, only available to YouTube premium customers. We were tasked with live streaming two events in 4k, which is unusual because it requires powerful encoders and for the viewers to have a substantial internet connection.

What we did.

The video that we played out had very high production value and looked visually stunning, so we took this as an opportunity to stream out in 4K which made the live streams look even better. In addition, we used the new YouTube Live Redirect function to take viewers from the live stream to an additional live AfterParty stream. With Live Redirect, once a live stream ends, all viewers are automatically redirected to a new stream, in this case the AfterParty. This is an incredibly useful functionality that is similar to Twitch’s ‘raids’ function. This is huge for influencer and brand partnerships because if influencers are taking part in a stream on a brand’s channel, they can start a stream, perhaps of behind the scenes content, on their own channel before transferring their audience over to the brand’s channel for the main live stream.

In this case, the Afterparty was only accessible to those viewers who have a YouTube Premium account, so the Live Redirect helped drive viewers to trial or subscribe to the the service. 


“We love working with Universal Music on their various innovative and exciting projects, and have seen huge success with all of the Andrea Bocelli events we’ve worked on together.”

Jake Ward, Business Development Director, Groovy Gecko.

the results.

The results of this live stream were fantastic, with over 2 million views and an average watch time of 8 minutes 31 seconds. Universal Music were really happy with the result, the quality of the 4K stream and the use of new technology!




average view duration

watch the full stream.

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