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Aurora TikTok Live Stream

Universal Music came to us with an exciting brief to produce and live stream an intimate concert with world renowned singer, Aurora, to her TikTok channel. They exceeded their goal of 1 million likes and brought in over 1.4 million likes and hundreds of thousands of viewers throughout the 30 minute stream!


Norwegian singer-songwriter and TikTok star Aurora (@iamauroramusic) was to host a live show for LGBT History month ahead of the artist kicking off her world tour in Birmingham the following month. Universal Music needed production, live stream management, audio and lighting for the 30 minute stream to TikTok.

What we did.

We did a 3-camera shoot production and managed the stream at Universal Music’s studio in King’s Cross. We streamed the event to Aurora’s TikTok channel in 9:16 (portrait mode). TikTok themselves helped us stream by providing primary and backup streaming points with the content was streamed from the studio with a fully redundant backup link to GG HQ. This production was challenging as portrait mode isn’t the most camera-friendly format.

The music encompassed tracks from her third studio album The Gods We Can Touch, released last month, including the singles Cure For Me and A Dangerous Thing, as well as iconic queer music such as the 1984 track Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat. The live offered her fans an intimate glimpse into her new era style ahead of the artist kicking off her world tour in Birmingham. You can watch the full stream below!


“TikTok lives are playing an increasingly large role in creating strong relationships between musicians and their fans. They have fast become a new way for musicians to showcase new content to their audience and even engage with them in the creative process. Universal Music’s goal was to use this forum and up the ante in order to provide a top-quality performance that was accessible to all Aurora’s fans no matter who and where they are. We were thrilled to deliver the live event for Aurora’s fans to experience her music in a new way, managing all aspects of the steam, creating a smooth viewing experience that captured the intimate feel of the unique artist’s music.”

Jake Ward, Business Development Director, Groovy Gecko.

the results.

The 30 minute intimate concert received over 1.4 million likes and more than 4,500 concurrent live views throughout the event. Universal Music and Aurora were really pleased to surpass their goal of 1 million likes and the overall results and interactions with the live stream.

Involving fans on a more intimate live forum like TikTok is set to grow in 2022. Already this year, pop artists have used their presence on the app to share their song writing process as well as performing snippets of the song that then go viral. Aurora’s 2015 single Runaway become wildly popular on TikTok last year, bringing new fans to her music. Universal Music’s decision to create an elevated live stream on Aurora’s page shows the desire to bring content with high production values straight to fans in the place they first engaged with the music.



watch the full stream.

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