next x House 337


Groovy Gecko, in collaboration with House337, innovatively showcased Next’s summer trends through shoppable live streaming, creating a dynamic, interactive retail experience


House337, working with their client NEXT, required a secure and robust stream to their interactive platform to exhibit the brand’s summer trends, combining live customer engagement with instant purchase capabilities.


NEXT needed to engage their customers in a live, immersive setting where they could find out more about the summer collection and make instant purchases—an endeavour requiring robust live streaming and seamless e-commerce integration.


Groovy Gecko worked with the LiveSell platform to deliver an engaging shoppable live streaming experience. The session allowed customers to interact in real-time, asking questions about trends and voting for what looks they would like to see while shopping the showcased products directly.


the results.

The shoppable live stream amplified NEXT’s customer engagement, delivering a unique interactive shopping experience. The blend of live queries and instant purchasing allowed NEXT to showcase their summer collection in a more engaging and interactive way while driving immediate sales.

Groovy Gecko’s shoppable live streaming solutions successfully fuse e-commerce and customer interaction, demonstrating the potential of innovative live streaming in modern retail strategies


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  • Live Shoppable                                                                                                                                                                                              

Enhance your customer experience with Groovy Gecko’s shoppable live streaming solutions. Reach out to us today.

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