Live Streaming for Virgin Games | Vlad the Vampire’s Hi-Lo Turkey

Dec 13, 2017

500-year old Vlad the vampire is at a loss once again – what’s left to do with an eternal life when you’ve done it all? You guessed it… a live game of ‘Hi-Lo Turkey’!

On December 14th, we’ll be live streaming the event for Virgin Games directly into its Facebook page. Using a specialist polling feature, viewers will be able to guess the weight of the turkeys and vote as to whether the next one is higher or lower.

But this won’t be the first live stream we’ve handled for the online casino. Earlier this year we streamed a live game of ‘Car Park Poker’ in the first instalment of Vlad’s ‘Live a Little’ series. Featuring Vlad working as a car park attendant, giant playing cards were covered and revealed by cars in the parking bays, changing the poker hand. Players could call out the highest hand in the stream’s comment section for a chance to win a whopping £5000.

Groovy Gecko managed the event production, as well as streaming the interactive video and moderating the audience’s comments. The stream was a big success, with 128,000 views and 13,000 comments.

We are always striving to reach the largest audience possible, but sometimes this doesn’t mean a stream is successful. More meaningful reactions like commenting show that the viewer took time to interact with the stream, meaning their attention is much more valuable. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said that video is too often a ‘passive consumption experience’, so we always tell our clients that interactivity is key to growing audiences. Using polling and other interactive features, we aim to produce the most engaging live streams possible, not the most viewed – as was the case with the Virgin Games Car Park Poker stream mentioned above.

Watch the live stream on the Virgin Games Facebook Page here.

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