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Navigating the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry, we executed a seamless live streaming, production, and platform delivery for BMW & MINI. This vital initiative was instrumental in streamlining internal communications, enriching dealer interactions, and unveiling new models.


BMW & MINI, iconic titans in the automotive realm, continuously seek innovative methods to enrich dealer interactions and fortify their internal communication pipelines. At the crux of their strategy was a desire to provide real-time updates on novel car editions, delve into features, and elucidate pricing structures.


BMW & MINI faced the task of bridging the divide between central communications and a dispersed dealer network. The pivotal challenge was crafting an interactive platform where dealers could not only gain insights but also engage, ask questions, and access key assets on-the-fly.


Harnessing the prowess of our EckoEnterprise suite, we sculpted a tailored streaming portal for BMW & MINI. This portal was more than a mere communication channel; it became an immersive experience where dealers delved into new car revelations, fired off pressing questions, and instantaneously downloaded asset packs or brochures. The inherent dynamism of the portal ensured two-way dialogues, bridging any informational asymmetry.

BMW & MINI dealership conference live stream by Groovy Gecko.

the results.

BMW & MINI witnessed an unprecedented surge in dealer engagement. By offering on-demand content access and live streaming, we ensured dealers were always in the loop, regardless of their geographical locale. This synergy unlocked a multitude of benefits, with the brands experiencing enriched outreach to both online and offline audiences and fostering deeper dealer connections..

Our collaboration with BMW & MINI underscores our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and deliverance. With our roots entrenched in the automotive sector, collaborating with stalwarts such as Jaguar Land Rover, Renault, Mercedes, and Williams, we’ve crystallised our stance as the go-to destination for automotive live stream production.


Seeking to revolutionise your brand’s communication channels? Let Groovy Gecko drive your next success story. Get in touch with us today.

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