The collab that everyone was waiting for is finally here. Selfridges and Groovy Gecko partner up to drive internal live streams.


We love fashion nearly as much as we love live streaming, so teaming up with Selfridges to help deliver their internal group presentations was a no brainer. Selfridges needed a high end, secure platform to deliver their internal group presentations (we have one of those! EckoEnterprise) and to seamlessly fit into their production workflow (we do that too! See our production services).

What we did.

By now, you should know our production services can cover filming, lighting, audio, streaming, vision mixing & many more really technical things we don’t need to list here, but if you don’t need all that, we’re also just as happy to slot into an existing production workflow and fill any gaps where necessary. And that’s just what we did here. 

Selfridges already have a brilliantly talented camera & audio team so our role on these events was to provide vision mixing, on-site comms & live streaming in addition to our customisable EckoEnterprise platform to house the live streams. 

We created a branded microsite, which was fit for any catwalk and meant when viewers landed on a page that felt like they were in the Selfridges ecosystem. The highly engaging webcasts have seen Lauren Levine, drag queen Johnny Woo and Allanah Weston join for her farewell, as well as the chance to meet the new leadership team. 


the results.

There was a huge uptake of internal viewers from multiple Selfridges departments and there are plans in place to deliver more events in the future. So watch this space…

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