London School of Economics AND POLITICAL SCIENCE


Leveraging our expertise in live streaming and on-demand content, Groovy Gecko reimagined the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) annual Festival, fostering an inclusive, accessible, and engaging virtual experience for audiences around the world.


The renowned London School of Economics and Political Science hosts the LSE Festival, a thought-provoking event celebrating the social sciences. As the festival’s reputation has grown there was a need to make it more accessible to a global audience.


The task was twofold: to extend the Festival’s reach beyond the physical limitations of the venues and to make the content more accessible through live subtitling and for some sessions live BSL signing. To ensure a smooth streaming experience which didn’t degrade the experience for those attendees on site it was essential to have a simple production setup with a number of advanced features such as the accessibility options and the ability to include virtual speakers.


Groovy Gecko provided an integrated solution including the EckoEnterprise platform, live production and streaming with subtitling and British Sign Language (BSL) services. Our production team focused on creating engaging interactive content which allowed the virtual audience to ask questions and give feedback on the sessions on the LSE’s platform. They also streamed a non-interactive version to the LSE’s YouTube channel to allow the more casual viewer to watch content without having to register.


the results.

Our solution enabled a much larger audience to view the festival, giving online and offline audiences the same opportunities to interact. The platform allowed a global audience to attend and through subtitling and sign language made the content more accessible than ever, opening the door to new audiences. This was demonstrated by an average viewing time per session, across the 19 different lectures, of well in excess of 40 minutes.

Groovy Gecko’s innovative use of the EckoEnterprise platform and live stream production expanded the reach of the LSE Festival, delivering it to its biggest audience yet.


Connect your global audience with Groovy Gecko’s comprehensive live streaming solutions. Get in touch with us today.

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