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Spiderman: No way Home Press Event with Tom Holland

A breakthrough in live stream production saw Groovy Gecko, in collaboration with Micromegas and Sony, virtually transport Spiderman actor, Tom Holland, from Los Angeles to a press event in Rome. This ‘hologram-like’ technology resulted in an exciting and engaging event without disrupting Holland’s LA schedule.
Micromegas and Sony, stalwarts in the entertainment industry, wanted to create a unique press event for the release of ‘No Way Home’. The primary challenge was Tom Holland’s LA commitments that prevented him from attending the event in Rome.


With various promotional commitments, Tom Holland could not travel to Italy for this event, so clients Micromegas and Sony wanted to elevate the concept of virtual connection in an authentic, on-brand way. Instead of connecting to the on-site audience in a traditional video conference, they wanted Tom to appear as a hologram. We needed to provide a high-quality stable link between LA and Rome.

What we did.

Seizing the moment with creative audacity, Groovy Gecko fused technological innovation and live-stream production wizardry. We engaged an array of robust platforms, including Vmix and a custom web RTC route, meticulously engineered to provide multiple redundant feeds and routes. This strategy was designed to ensure a flawless ‘hologram-like’ representation of Holland, affording a buffer against technical glitches. In true Groovy Gecko style, we did more than just bridge the physical distance between LA and Rome. We transformed the landscape of live event possibilities, culminating in a spectacular spectacle as Holland materialised on stage, echoing the otherworldly charm of a Dr Strange Portal. The entire solution effectively connected Holland with the eager audience, making geography irrelevant and forging an unforgettable event experience.

the results.

The outcome was a resounding success. Tom Holland didn’t need to compromise his commitments in LA, while the audience in Rome enjoyed an immersive, interactive event. The novel approach made the press event memorable, ensuring that the ‘No Way Home’ press event created significant buzz.

Sony, Micromegas and Tom, were deligted with the quality of the event and streams. The overall look and feel of the hologram effect was exactly what they wanted, and Tom Holland even commented to our crew, “Can we do these all the time?”

The use of ‘hologram effects’ is a great way for communication with talent for global press junkets and Q&A’s. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s much greener solution than providing air travel for talent to attend press conferences around the world, with the added bonus of the talent being able to attend various events in a single day, from the comfort of a studio near them. You can catch a glimpse of the Spiderman: No Way Home press event from the instagram video below.

This project underscores Groovy Gecko’s capability to deliver cutting-edge live stream production solutions, providing unique, immersive, and interactive experiences for audiences worldwide.



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Interested in revolutionising your events with ‘hologram like’ tech? Contact us, to transform your event experience.


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