Amazon Music


Amazon Music approached Groovy Gecko about creating a new series of live programmes for the Amazon Music UK Twitch channel.


The channel itself is designed to demonstrate to viewers and followers the value of an Amazon Music subscription showcasing the diversity of the content on the platform.
The format was based on a German show which showcases Amazon Music’s new playlists by having an influencer run through the new play list each week and give their thoughts and opinions on the new tracks while interacting and engaging with the live audience.

THE objectives.

The objectives for the project was to create a cost effective show which could be live for a number of weeks and would attract an audience who would choose to follow the channel. By building the following of the channel on Twitch Amazon is able to reach more users and potential users for the service to showcase its benefits and drive subscriptions.

what we did.

Our production team developed and adapted the idea for the live show for the UK market. Once the format had been pinned down we sourced an influencer/presenter for the eight shows.
The production team then also developed the graphical look and feel of the show with our producers creating notes and briefing the presenter.

The programmes were produced virtually so the engineering team onboarded our presenter and then streamed out the various live shows mixing them live and keeping our presenter on track.


the results.

The viewership of the shows has been very solid with tens of thousands of viewers for each live show with continued growth in the number of followers added to the channel each week.


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