Live from the royal albert hall

A memorable night at the Royal Albert Hall saw Nigerian artist ASA entrancing a global audience with her captivating performance. Groovy Gecko, the trusted name in live streaming services, was there to capture every moment, showcasing African music’s soaring popularity.

Client Background.

ASA, a renowned Nigerian artist, is known for her distinctive blend of contemporary pop, reggae, and soul with traditional African sound. Riding the wave of increasing global interest in African music, spurred by the likes of Burna Boy and WizKid, ASA intended to share her unique sound with a global audience at the iconic Royal Albert Hall.


The key challenge was to capture the nuances of ASA’s compelling performance and translate the concert’s energy to viewers around the globe. The task required a sophisticated, multi-camera shoot, a professional audio mix, and seamless delivery to a Pay-Per-View (PPV) platform.


Groovy Gecko capturing ASA's live performance at the Royal Albert Hall, showcasing African music to a global audience
"Groovy Gecko capturing ASA's live performance at the Royal Albert Hall, showcasing African music to a global audience."


Groovy Gecko rose to the occasion with a tailored solution. We utilised an 8-camera setup to capture various perspectives of the performance, an expert audio mix to ensure impeccable sound quality, and reliable live streaming services to deliver the event flawlessly to the designated PPV platform.

impact & Result.

The result was an enthralling live concert experience that transcended geographical barriers, allowing fans worldwide to immerse themselves in ASA’s performance. Groovy Gecko’s expert production and streaming services ensured that the energy and spirit of the live event were perfectly preserved in the digital realm

Groovy Gecko’s work with ASA at the Royal Albert Hall serves as an exemplary showcase of our capabilities in delivering top-notch production and live-streaming services. It underscores our commitment to elevating artists and bringing their talent to a global audience, further amplified by the increasing worldwide popularity of African music

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