Live Streaming Engagement Tools: REALM.

Experience a new level of interactivity with Groovy Gecko’s REALM, an advanced suite of live-streaming engagement tools designed to boost audience participation. From vibrant live chats to compelling polling, REALM enables a deeper connection between you and your audience, stimulating dynamic interactions that keep viewers hooked.

tools overview.

REALM tools are integral to EckoEnterprise, bringing live chat, emoji reactions, Q&A sessions, and more, fostering a dynamic dialogue with your audience and enriching the overall event experience.

We also extend our interactive engagement features to social media platforms. This allows viewer-led show journeys, Q&A sessions, and competition-based events, fuelling greater engagement.

bespoke development.

Can’t find the feature you need? Our dedicated R&D team can collaborate with you to create custom tools, perfect for your event.


Employing REALM’s comprehensive toolkit in your live streams can lead to a significant boost in viewer engagement and dwell time. With active participation, your audience is not merely watching but genuinely immersed in your event.

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Our suite of interactive tools are perfect as an add on to any of our other services, such as:

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Groovy Gecko’s REALM distinguishes itself with its comprehensive interactive features and user-friendly design, all tailored to enhance your live stream experience. With our reputation for excellence and relentless innovation, Groovy Gecko is your go-to partner for enriched viewer engagement.

Are you ready to revolutionise your live streaming experience? Contact Groovy Gecko today to discover how REALM can bring your streams to life.

interactive tools.

We offer a wide range of interactive elements across various platforms that help our clients increase the engagement, accessibility and reach of their live stream. Available as part of our managed live streaming packages, the tools offer a user-friendly, front-end platform to manage features such as live questions, polling / voting, news tickers and stream syndication. Multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, can be used with interaction, with some of the tools below indicating what platforms they are compatible with. If you have something specific that you want to do that isn’t listed below, our developers and R&D team can work with you to create bespoke tools for your event.

Got questions? Our friendly team would love to chat!

Offering online viewers the chance to ask questions during a live stream is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience. As part of the REALM package, GG has developed a sophisticated question moderation tool which can pull comments from multiple platforms into a single moderation workflow where clients can editorially decide which questions to present to the talent hosting the live event. The cloud-based tool allows submitted questions to be accepted, edited or rejected, and only those deemed appropriate will be displayed for the presenter / talent. The tool can work with bespoke question submission boxes on our EckoEnterprise platform as well as social media comments feeds and native API tools, such as Facebook Questions card, which allows a pop up to be placed over the live stream video and any accepted question to display as a lower third on the stream along with the viewer's name and avatar.

Stats show that when an engagement tool is used, dwell time (the length of time people watch for) can increase by 200% if they ask a question.

Works with:

Live Polling is an incredibly compelling tool that can allow online viewers the ability to affect the journey of a live show. Whether you want to offer viewers the chance to select the next track a band performs or let them decide on the next topic in a discussion, this tool can do it. Our polling tool works with a wide range of platforms including Facebook's native polling feature, and can also poll from #hashtags, social media reaction icons or multiple choice overlay on a live stream. The tool offers a user-friendly front-end where you can create, schedule and display poll questions, results and graphics over your live stream.

Stats show that when an engagement tool is used, overall engagement jumps by around 25%.

Works with:

Multi-Language streaming is a fantastic tool that can help open up the accessibility to new regions and territories when live streaming. Groovy Gecko can provide multi-language delivery and offer a turn-key solution that’s covers translators, audio equipment and live players which means viewers can choose which language to listen to a live stream in and have the audio delivered in their native language.

Works with:

The GG captioner offers a range of options to add real-time subtitles to a live stream. The tool can work with both scripted and non-scripted events to provide open or closed captions in multiple languages from a single source language. The subtitles can be customised in terms on colours and fonts and are displayed across the lower third of a live stream. At the simplest level of the tool, it can also be used to display news tickers across multiple pages and platforms in different languages.

Recent studies show that up to 85% of Facebook content is viewed without sound, so this tool can help increase accessibility and the dwell times of live streamed content. As part of the REALM suite, this can be used on a self-serve basis or as part of Groovy Gecko’s managed streaming service, and this tool can work with the GG reflector to send the relevant language stream to a specific country or region.

Works with:

This tool allows publishers of live streams to create short form on-demand clips while a live stream is running and instantly syndicate them across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The idea was developed to satisfy 3 requirements: 1. To create short form videos while the content is still ‘hot’, 2. To hit multiple social media platforms from within one console, and 3. To use call to actions so your followers are driven to the main live stream while you're still live.

This tool has been developed closely with our clients and their feedback has been invaluable, with this tool now boasting the ability to receive multiple incoming live feeds along with the functionality to edit together content from the stream and add pre-roll graphics as well as music to clipped content. The GG Live Clipper is available as part of the REALM suite on a license basis or as part of a managed broadcast by Groovy Gecko.

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The GG Reflector has several ways to help syndicate a single live stream and distribute it to multiple platforms. Using this cloud-based tool, we can take one ingest stream and deliver it to multiple social pages and channels. The scale is unlimited and was recently used for a film premiere delivered to over 160 pages across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and dedicated iframes.

We can also assist in the use of native tools on platforms such as Facebook, including their cross-posting feature. Cross-posting is a way to post live videos directly onto multiple Facebook pages, and is perfect for when you don't think a share would maximise the potential reach of your live broadcast. Cross-posting provides greater exposure of your content and generates more user engagement because it is being posted directly to multiple pages. Cross-posting relationships are set up in advance with people involved with your broadcast such as collaborators or influencers and all pages involved would benefit from the exposure of cross-posting.

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