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With years of industry experience and a commitment to innovative technology, we ensure a seamless, high-quality broadcast for events of various scales and complexities. Let Groovy Gecko guide you in enhancing your live-streaming projects.


At Groovy Gecko, we take pride in our team – a diverse group of professionals with a deep understanding of the live-streaming industry. We’re dedicated to providing the best to our clients. Every project we undertake is backed by a commitment to precision, resulting in high-quality, bespoke live streaming services.

advanced TECHNOLOGY.

Technology sits at the heart of our live-streaming services. We leverage cutting-edge solutions to ensure reliable and superior broadcasts. With efficient workflows, we tailor our services to the unique needs of each event, promising a seamless broadcast experience.

Tailored STREAMING solutions.

We appreciate the uniqueness of each event. Thus, we offer custom live-streaming solutions, meticulously designed to meet your requirements. From the drawing board to execution, we focus on making your event memorable and engaging for your audience.


When you choose Groovy Gecko’s live streaming services, you can expect more than just a flawless broadcast. We aim to immerse your viewers in a captivating experience, augmenting your brand’s visibility and stature. But don’t take our word for it – numerous satisfied clients and an impressive portfolio of diverse projects back us.

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    To better understand our capabilities, check out our our extensive array of case studies. These real-life examples demonstrate our adaptability across different event types and the high levels of client satisfaction we consistently achieve. We believe in letting our work speak for us


    Choosing Groovy Gecko means partnering with a team that combines technical expertise with a passion for innovation. We’re driven by a dedication to finding efficient solutions and delivering reliable services. With Groovy Gecko, you’re choosing a trusted ally in your live-streaming journey.

    Ready for an elevated broadcasting experience? Get in touch with Groovy Gecko today. Let’s discuss your live streaming requirements and discover how our expertise, bespoke solutions, and advanced technology can take your broadcasts to new heights.

    case studies.

    Barclays x Teams Production+
    Global Listening Party: Aurora’s Album Launch on YouTube with Shopify Integration
    Dune Part 2 Premiere
    Samsung 3D Interactive Gaming Live Stream
    Julian Assange Extradition Hearing
    The ‘Fantastique World’ Hybrid Gaming Showcase
    Amazon Music – Brand New Music Show
    NEXT Live Shoppable Experience
    ASA: Royal Albert Hall
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    Stream To:


    Streaming into Facebook puts you at the top of your followers’ news feeds and is a great way to promote your brand and interact with your current followers and their networks. While you’re streaming, our team can also edit and clip live video footage and post the clips straight to your page to promote the live stream instantly, while you’re still live!


    A high-quality live stream on your Twitter page can increase engagement by opening up the conversation between you and your followers and making them feel involved in your event through interactive questions and polling, sharable content or even live hashtag competitions.


    Show your followers a more authentic, behind-the-scenes look at your brand or event by going live on IG. From backstage interviews to exclusive events, your followers will feel connected in a personal way, with notifications sent straight to their phones and live content they can interact with.


    This platform is perfect for B2B communications as well as for brands who want to extend their reach to professionals active on social media, beyond the typical social platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Streaming to LinkedIn is also a great way for corporate brands to interact with their audience in a more casual and interesting way, as opposed to an online webcast or live presentation.


    Live streaming your event to YouTube is perfect for a high-quality stream as audiences will not just be tuning in on their phones, but likely to be watching on their desktop or smart screen devices in HD. The live stream will also be pulled through to search engines, improving your reach and increasing the likelihood that you’ll deliver on your KPI’s.


    Perfect for e-commerce brands, streaming to Amazon opens up new opportunities for brands who want to interact with their consumers in exciting ways. Not only can offering a live, interactive element to a product improve sales, but it can add value to the product, while allowing for limited edition promotions that can increase brand awareness and buzz around your products. We are currently the only agency in the UK with the ability to stream directly to an Amazon page and can read more about the first ever interactive live event streamed into Amazon UK and Amazon DE here.

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